Chapter 50 - Voices

Cut Scene


Scene 1 - Desires

William gives the Instrumentality to Alec and the group is thrust into another realm.
A voice calls to each of them "What one thing do you want most?"

Arthus stares into the void and thinks about all the things he wants but then wonders about all the things he doesn't yet know exist. Perhaps he would want one of those things even more. It dawns on him that it has never been about personal gain, but the adveture and exploration.

"To always have something to wonder about." He answers.

He then sees himself as the Walker. He is the hand of fate, the decision maker. He stalks over a rocky hill and emerges looking down on a powerful ritual. A cloaked figure kneels over a young woman who is pinned to the ground inside an elaborate magic circle. The sounds of a vast army on the march grow louder and Arthus is faced with the choice. Then he is back inside the mithal.

The price of impossible knowledge is to surrender one of Arthus', lives. This is one path where Velenia cannot follow.

William hears the same question and with little hesitation responds "Peace."

He then sees himself in a roling glen standing with Marlene and watching their son play in the sun. The scene is idyllic, as William can feel that all the world is at peace, but again there is a great cost.

For true peace to become a reality, William must destroy all of the gods as well as free will.

Alisaar answers "Their trust."

He sees a vision of himself as a draconic over deity with all of the dragon-kin living in peace. The price: Tiamat and Bahamut must die for you to ascend.

Fizbin answers "Knowledge."

He can see himself holding "infinity" and is the living embodyment of all magic and knowledge.

Fizbin must become all weaves to have a chance to be Boccob's equal and thus have him step aside.

Alec sees a vision of himself as a human child in Whitehaven. He envisions himself growing to eventually replace the Dragon King and unify Tamirel.

The voice responds: "This simply cannot be."

Scene 2 - Campfire Scene

The party talks but Arthus and Alec are distracted by voices carrying from beyond a rocky ridge. Each disappears separately and sneaks around to find Lilith and Fierna talkning. After a few moments Arthus decides he must involve himself, and soon Alec follows suit.

The conversation is light, but does give Arthus some insight into Alec's reltionship with Fierna.

Scene 3 - The Ballad of Sirilius


Cut Scene



Chapter 49 - Wrath & Reconciliation

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Chapter 51 - Awakenings


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