Chapter 43 - Seperate Ways

Cut Scene

Alec doesn’t succumb to the temptation of the girl while she is alive. He is in the mythal and has a dream about Lady Firena. She tells him it will all be ok.

Scene 1 - Fizbin's Inheritance

Fizbin takes his mother to her ancestral home. Meets his grandfather and sees his fathers bar. He is told the story of what it was.

Scene 2 - Divine Fury

Alisaar's commune with Bahamut.
As he approaches the Imperial City Alisaar sees the demon who abducted Alec. The demon turns and taunts him, but quickly vanishes through a portal. Auax tears through time and space to catch it, but they are too late. Alisaar can see the scarred landscape of the Sommerset Isle as the portal closes.

Scene 3 - Love vs. Duty

William and Marlene vs. the Orcs.

Scene 4 - Never Leave Arthus Unsupervised

Arthus and William walked the streets of the Imperial City searching for a tavern. Arthus steered them clear of the Towering Oak for fear of losing the opportunity of having a quiet drink with his friend if William saw the carnage inside.

As they walked through a small square and discussed Alisaar’s and Fizbin’s dereliction of duty, William suddenly stopped in his tracks. He fished out a sending crystal, and though Arthus couldn’t hear what was said, or who said it, the look on William’s face was something Arthus could not mistake. Without a word William bolted toward the Imperial Tower.

Arthus stood in the middle of the street alone, save for the chaos of the battle’s aftermath, but he paid it no mind. He walked calmly back to the Towering Oak. He collected the two halves of Gerald’s scrying basin and brought them back down to the hidden chamber beneath the bar. Arthus concentrated a small measure of himself into his ring and the iron plate rippled to life once again.

Looking through the window this time, Arthus saw a sprawling warehouse with countless crates, chests, and racks. He pushed himself through and found himself standing in said warehouse who knows how far from Cyrodil.

Standing in front of him was a large bronze statue with several runes and gemstones in its chest. As Arthus looked around the statue hummed to life and asked what the Seeker’s business was. Arthus proceeded to deposit the basin with the warehouse guardian who teleported it to another location by way of a large gem embedded in its hand.

Arthus was turning to leave when another flash of boldness struck him. Somewhere between William’s departure and the Towering Oak, Arthus had decided that now was the time for great men of daring to dare great things, and in their absence it would have to be him! He turned to the guardian and said “I suppose you are familiar with the contents of this storehouse?”

The golem answered without emotion “Request.”
Arthus tilted his head, considered his situation and said “I need something that will allow me to travel great distances quickly, safely, and undetected.”

Mystic energy swirled around the guardian and it was holding a six-feet long wooden staff. It said “Treebone Staff.”

Arthus took up the staff and his ring imparted the details of its abilities and history. Arthus nodded his head several times in satisfaction. “Nice job!” he complimented the guardian, but received no thanks. “O.k. how about something to create a decoy, a diversion?”

This time the golem’s chest and abdomen opened and it removed three opaque, frosted glass balls with a metal coating on one half. He held them out and Arthus accepted them. Again the ring was activated and he was aware that these creations of Targus would create sophisticated illusions and move in a manner prescribed by the owner. “Excellent!” Arthus exclaimed. “Now, how about a map of Aragonia and Jennesta’s fortress?” Arthus had pushed his luck. He knew it would be a long shot since he doubted anyone but he was stupid enough to venture into Aragonia at all, let alone map the place.

“Well, thanks!” He said turning towards the portal when he was stopped by an oddly familiar voice.

“What is it you intend to do with those?” The golem asked in a voice that was clearly David Talbot’s.

“What I should have done a long time ago.” Arthus responded.

“You still need my authorization to take those items.” David said calmly.

“Fine. I’m going to Aragonia to bloody that witch’s nose and save my friend. I’m going one way or the other, but these might mean I’ll actually come back.” Arthus answered with an unusual finality in his tone. The golem nodded ever so slightly indicating David’s approval.

“One more thing, Arthus. Search your alter-egos. Open yourself to all of the possibilities.” David prompted.

Arthus wondered about David’s point, but as his mind swam through the countless possibilities of his life, he once again settled on the image of the clockwork privateer. Once again he was standing on the deck of a fantastic ship, and he was admiring one of his pistols. Arthus held it up close to his face, smiled, and was back in the warehouse. Arthus continued to study the odd weapon, and felt very much at ease with it, He shoved it in his weapon belt and entered the portal.

Arthus arrived in the bar room moments before Grayson, the young Kingsman scout, had come to meet him for a drink. Arthus poured two glasses of what was becoming his favorite whiskey, and talked with him for a bit.

Arthus talked with the Kingsman about all sorts of things, but very little business. Arthus hoped to cultivate Grayson as a trusted source and contact inside the city. An ally inside the Kingsmen would be invaluable, especially someone connected to the higher ranking knights. As he finished his drink and toasted to fool’s errands he begged Grayson’s forgiveness and cut their meeting short. Grayson nodded and stood to leave as Arthus looked quizzically at the Treebone Staff and wondered aloud how the damn thing worked. He shook it playfully, and as it tapped the ground Arthus vanished.

Arthus felt himself being pulled through the earth with fantastic speed. Travelling through roots, grass, flowers, and the soil itself losing the sense of himself and becoming one with the those things as he moved. Soon the travel became slower, and Arthus had to focus to keep moving. It was as if the earth was resisting him, and every moment he felt as though he was burning and suffocating. The life was being choked from him and the staff, but he pressed until he could do no more.

After only a few minutes Arthus felt himself drawn upward and suddenly stop standing on top of a large stone outcropping in the middle of a swamp. This was as far as the staff could take him. From here the land was dead, spoiled, there was no more nature to connect to.

Arthus slid the staff into his pack watching it disappear in the magic of the rucksack. He hunkered down and took in the sight all around him. This was it, this was Aragonia, and quickly Arthus felt very cold and very alone.

Cut Scene



Chapter 42 - Reintroductions

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