Chapter 40 - Confrontations

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Scene 1 - Fathers and Sons

Aurax launches himself skyward from the inner wall of the Imperial City. Soon Harat is just a speck below, then the city itself. The powerful dragon is spurred on by his rider's burning desire to finally set foot on the Line. Alisaar's thoughts drift from glorious battle, to being reunited with the General, and finally confronting Lars for his treachery.

It takes several days, even with Aurax pushing the limits of his endurance, but soon the Line, and Aragonia are within sight. Through Aurax's eyes, Alisaar could see the armies of the Witch Queen preparing to move on Cyrodil. All manner of foul creatures, bound in their slavery to Jennesta, stood shoulder to shoulder. They numbered in the tens of thousands, orcs, undead, demons, and so many creatures Alisaar could not identify. He wondered what laid in wait behind her fodder.

Aurax surged forward sensing Alisaar's impulse to plunge them into the heart of their enemies, but quickly pulled up into a loop and finally landing in a clearing roughly a mile behind the Line. Alisaar walked toward the Dragonborn encampment alone thinking it wiser not to have Aurax arrive without a proper warning.

About a quarter of a mile outside the camp, Alisaar was intercepted by two guards. They were warriors, but they were young, and clearly unsure of what to make of the new arrival. After a brief introduction Alisaar led the two guards back to the camp.

As the treeline fell away Alisaar was met with a deflating sight. The collective might of the Dragonborn looked nothing like what he had pictured in his head. Dozens of Dragonborn lay wounded or dying on the ground with only a few healers to tend them. Alisaar could see the despair in the eyes of the mangled warriors. His gaze lingered on one who had lost his arm in battle and he could not help but notice the look of uncertainty in his eyes. Alisar bit his tongue rather than trying to stumble over a rousing speech. Instead he locked eyes with his warrior kin and gave a deep nod. It did not make either of them feel any better about things. After a brief meeting with one of the healers, Alisaar was on his way toward the large tent in the center of camp.

The two pikemen outside the council tent stiffened as they approached, and Alisaar looked over his shoulder and told his escorts to announce his arrival.

A few moments passed as Alisaar waited and he was becoming more and more aware of the attention he was getting. He was also surprised at how little his discomfort was. Only a few short weeks ago all of these eyes on him would be enough to put him on his guard, but now he hoped that if his arrival could change the tenor of the camp, then the attention would be well worth it.

The tent flaps flew open and the council's herald emerged and met Alisaar. Alisaar informed him of who he was and asked that he be announced to the council. The herald led him inside and the energy and attitude inside the tent changed tangibly.

"I present Alisaar of the Sons of the Wyrm." shouted the herald. The council grumbled amongst themselves. Alisaar looked around the tent and saw the council members:

1) Lars – The Archives - Black Under colors
2) Seshima – The Wilds -Green Under colors
3) Thuath – The Hot Place - Red Under colors
4) Ekath – The Winds - White Under Color
5) Arar – The Warriors - Silver
6) Shedininn – The Rocky Place -Bronze
7) Tinash – The Seas -Mercury
8) Thaala – The Desert - Copper
9) Kryhun – The Hunters - Brass
10) Kryuna – The DreamWalkers -The Brass
11) Seshinn – The Wrathful - Bronze
12) Thahun – The Wind Talkers – Silver

Alisaar was met with mixed reactions within the council. There were several members who were of metallic descent and they were obviously partial to Alisaar once the initial uncertainty faded. However, there were also several of chromatic lineage, and their reactions ranged from unsure to hostile. Alisaar's most vocal detractor was Lars which was not surprising at all, but it was clear that Alisaar was at a severe disadvantage in the political arena.

Lars' first tactic was to challenge the validity of Alisaar's tribal claims, but when that was refuted, he called on Alisaar to explain his whereabouts since he had not been present on the Line until now. Alisaar bristled and felt compelled to reveal that he had travelled to the fabled island of Yokuda and recruited the warriors there to join the fight. He informed the council that they would be arriving shortly. Finally the question of Aliaar's tribe's representative on the council emerged. Lars seemed to take a strange delight in trying to force Alisaar to remain with the council, but this was quickly sidestepped. The council was made aware that Xarn, Alisaar's lieutenant, would be arriving with his tribe and would sit at the council.

In the end, the council was resolved to stand down from the Line in one month if they recieved no support from the empire of men. Alisaar implored them, telling them of the foul army preparing to march from Aragonia, but he was met with more questions. Since he had no solid proof Alisaar had to rely on a call to arms and a rallying cry to uphold the honor of the Dragonborn people. Effective, but ultimately it was not going to sway any opinions. The truth was that Lars and his supporters had a point. Why should their people sustain a war of attrition against an enemy they were not even certain was a threat when the other races sat idly by? So Alisaar did the one thing he knew they could not argue with. He assured them that Cyrodil would honor the ancient agreements and he would bring a declaration of war from the King. If the humans would answer the call to arms, then no Dragonborn would dare shrink from their duty. As Alisaar turned to leave he delivered one last message to the council as well as every Dragonborn in the camp.

Alisaar stepped outside and called silently to Aurax. The roar that issued forth from beyond the trees stirred the hearts and souls of all present and soon every member of the camp was crowding around him outside. Moents later the trees began to shake, then the ground, and soon even the air around the camp was charged, Alisaar stepped in front of the crowd and called back to the mighty dragon. Out of the corner of his eye he could see warriors moving through the camp. Instinctively he knew it was his father, and the fire in his chest grew as Aurax approached the tree line.

Scene 2 - Light and Darkness

The priest explains that there is rumor of a crusade that William will follow. He explains the ill of war.
William enters the Church where is attacked by group of demons. Each one has the mark of Luz upon them. At the end of the fight he sees Thorne standing behind the Altar. William has taken away everything he loved and dreamed of. He transcended, disgrace and death to come across. She answered his prayers his sacrifice of Greyhawk, was all she needed. William is alone. He taunts him with Marlene, and then is attacked by demons whom he kills easily. He then sees a familiar ribbon of Marlene’s on the Altar.

Scene 3 - Dig a Hole

Arthus paced impatiently inside a small storage room below the floor of the Towering Oak Bar. The cramped space was damp and musty from water seeping through the stone and resulting mold. This was hardly the grand council chamber he expected, but it was surely a place that would elude discovery.

He knew the Council of Regents would be meeting soon and that he would attend that meeting one way or the other. He hadn’t considered that he would actually get invited or that their “invitation” would be so insistent. His right ring finger still stung with the lingering effects of “The Eye’s” call to the meeting and he rubbed it absent-mindedly trying to figure out what he should expect out of this. Was he going to witness David’s dismissal first hand? Would the council members openly turn on each other? Would the storehouse doors be flung wide open to unleash the world's greatest magic on their enemies? There were any number of questions he had for David and the Council, and very few of them that were appropriate to ask.

All of those thoughts faded from his mind as the wall in front of him was suddenly illuminated revealing a round chamber with podiums arranged in a circle. Arthus was standing behind David as the council introduced themselves. As each member did so, they made it a point to include the name of a powerful token in their possession. As the name of each token was declared Arthus’ ring imparted a brief vision of the item and its powers. Each of these insights was instantly overwhelming, so Arthus dared not dwell on any of the items for more than a moment. The abilities of the items were actually frightening to consider, and without any more than a hint of that power, Arthus knew it would be disastrous to unleash any one of them on the world, let alone a dozen.

Alongside each of the Regents stood a lieutenant, a Champion. As each was introduced Arthus found himself leaning closer to the window, unable to wait for the announcement of the elven champion. Sure enough, Velenia’s name was announced and a column of light fell gently upon her. The pain in Arthus’ hand drifted away at the sight of her, and as she gave a slight bow to the Council. Arthus could swear that he could smell the delicate floral scents of her perfume even in this musty place.

It wasn’t until Velenia was introduced as an Infiltrator that Arthus snapped back to reality. He noticed the elaborate red sash that was over her shoulder. He had an instant feeling of dread, but his concern had to wait as he realized he would be introduced shortly, and so he straightened himself out and tried to look as “championly” as he could muster, but in the end when the light fell on his shoulders, rather than a respectful gesture to all attendees, Arthus flashed a flirtatious look at Velenia. He knew that would earn him a punch in the gut for his lack of propriety, but the smile that would follow it was worth a mule kick.

The Council set to discussing many topics of recent dealings, practically all of which Arthus had no idea about. It was eye opening to say the least to get a first hand look at the inner workings of Keeper business.

All that ended abruptly with a large heavy fist nearly splitting the podium in front of it. Targus demanded that the Council initiate the vote to go to war, arguing that they had the most powerful artifacts and tokens in existence and it was time to put them to good use.

He had seen the foul armies of Aragonia on the march many times before, and he believed this was by far their worst incursion. The only option was to mount a counter offensive or risk oblivion.

Arthus interjected at that point to challenge the need for open warfare, and engaged the Council in a spirited, but respectful debate. He begged the Council’s indulgence and promised that he would be able to stem the tide of this war without sacrificing the mission of the Keepers.

Long moments passed as the council members rendered their votes. Of the twelve, four voted with David and Arthus: the Halflings, the Winged-folk, the Humans, and lastly the Elves. It was the last vote cast that caused Arthus to take a deep breath and pump his fists in excitement and relief. The elven delegate had taken a long time to voice her decision, and Arthus knew that it was Velenia’s influence that undoubtedly turned her vote to his favor. If Velenia would go this far to support him then Arthus knew he was sure of his success. At that moment he wondered if this was how Alisaar spent every moment of his life, with utter confidence and certainty in his actions and that he would accomplish whatever goal he had before him.

Targus leveled his imposing gaze at Arthus one last time, and Arthus again begged his patience.

“Give me time to do what I do best.” He pled.

“And what in blazes is that?” Targus asked with no small measure of incredulity.

“The impossible.”

The chamber buzzed with the murmurs of the Council and its champions, and Targus conceded that they would reconvene on month hence. The room fell silent and went dark.

Arthus was suddenly aware of how small his viewing chamber was, and that the window was in fact a very old sheet of iron that was bolted into the wet stones of this would-be root cellar.

“One month…” he said, as his head landed against the cold iron plate.

“One month.”

Scene 4 - Hide and Seek

Fizbin follows the Naga to an abandoned building. Where he is immediately attacked by magic’s, The end result being the finding of a book about Fizbin. He has been studied extensively to be replaced. His death is paramount to the next step in her plan.

Fizbin has rescued his mother, his father escapes… his mother is currently hitting him crying and saying “leave my son alone”

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