Chapter 39 - Assault on the Capital

Cut Scene

Gran arrives with 300 of his best men mixed mages, soldiers and assassins. He uses on of his mage to get an eye on the city. This lead to several points for attack:
1) The Towers
2) The Gate
3) The Mages
4) The Held Towns people
5) The Bath house with Gerald

Scene 1 - Death from Above

William and Alasar take off from the top of the tower. They easily destroy the arbalest and kill the men manning it. The make their way down to the twin gate chains. As they start to open it they are faced with two warrior elite Naga, after a hard fought battle they kill them. Alasar is met by 3 dragonborn, 2 of which fall in order one takes off (Chromatic). William goes to aid a priest with the heart of a warrior.

At the end of their fights: William is given a letter that reads the following by the Preist he is one of a 100 sent to give a message to William. Apparently the Knight Peter (Session 17) explained to the White Cardinal what he saw in the instrumentality:

I have heard of your exploits and know that you intend to spread the word in the foul place. I applaud you for your courage and valor. There are greater deeds than sacrifice; I summon thee with all my grace to the Bright City and The White Tower to have audience. I wish to see the key to the burning sun.
White Cardinal”

(The bright lady appears to wish William luck and ask about his father and don’t tell everyone who you sre be smart)

Alasar is joined by Aurax at the city. The two spend a few moments enjoying their bond being renewed and take off of the Frontline and go to see Alasar’s Father.

Scene 2 - The Cost of Victory

Alec, Fizbin, Arthus & the three assassins. Make their way through the trap laden steam room. The steam is so thick that the 3 Nagas gliding through the steam barely make a sound. Arthus deftly disables lock and trap until Alec is force to single shot kill. The one remaining on Naga is held by Fizbin. They find a store room of children used for feeding stock. The group makes their way into the Center Chamber where a half transformed Gerald waits with two mages and a Warrior Naga. He gives them an offer:

Stop your quest and our lady will yield. She is patient. She will wait another cycle. She will grant you a boon. Peace for a time. This is fair, no? Perhaps then, something for each of you? freedom? Power? Love? These are all within her reach.

The request is turned down. The fight is brutal and one of the assassins is killed, the other wounded. Alec is brought to the brink of death and even Arthus finds himself in a difficult position.

Scene 3 - Duty Calls

At the end of their fights: Arthus is pulled in a mysterious direction by his Ring. He finds himself in the oak bar and following a twisting path underground. He eventually sees a meeting of all the senior Council through some type of two way mirror

Scene 4 - A Chance for Answers

Fizbin sees man darting past and alley. It looks exactly like his father. He takes off after him.


Chapter 38 - Unknown Allies

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