Chapter 38 - Unknown Allies

Cut Scene


Scene 1 - Return to Temple of Knowledge

They make their way through the protection into the center of vines. They reach father Davis and they see that he has changed. They have taken to the philosophy of the shaolin monks. Train, grow strong and fast, become warrior scholars so that they will never risk losing the library again. When the group meet they are welcomed.

The group asks for permission to use the gate to transport Grans troops into the center of the city. Head Librian Davis explains the value of the library and that this could be allowed but he needs time to study on it. Many plans are hatched but none decided. The library couldn’t be lost or risked it is too valuable.

The library is surround by a barrier of good and then 3 orbs of disinigration, inside are two golems and bowman.

It seems that someone has been trying to forcibly reopen the gate and taint it the librarians will hold it and seal it from evil until they destroy it to protect themselves.

The group goes through the Library and gets various bits of information (see Lore Section)

Scene 2 - Back to the Front

Alasar goes to one book and rereads the same story he read when he first arrived here albeit without any magical effect. He is surprised to see that there is a portion of the book that paints their return to albion. He is painted as hero and the star of this chapter. He goes outside and speaks to aurax he tells him it is time to leave the island. To go the line and see his father.

Scene 3 - Solemn Remembrance

William goes to grave of the first librian and pays his respect. He then takes some time with the forge and works outside enjoying the forge and the comradely of real work.

Scene 4 - Just crazy Enough to Work

Fizbin & Arthus discuss what they can do to free Lilith and decide that after the battle they will go to the aid of Lilith. Alec writes a book saying that they should be allowed to use the gate.

Cut Scene

The black hairs of Jennesta wrap the instrumentality


Chapter 37 - Deeper Realizations

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Chapter 39 - Assault on the Capital


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