Chapter 37 - Deeper Realizations

Cut Scene

Cut Scene – Arthus talking to the Valenia (1 Secret conversation) and the conversation about flint. His ring contains NO information about the conversation, neither does arthus and there is no clue that they have met. Targus is the craftsmaster creator of the rings has long been a voice to use the artifacts, He has the power to listen, edit and change the information. Valenia is using heavily ensorcelled arbalests to hunt for a constructs.

The raven comes to visit Fizbin and takes him into the forest. They discuss the nature of power and how he and his friends have been watching fizbin. He explains that volcanoes can give warmth and create fertile soil but have tremendous potential for danger. “Listens to trees” show fizbin all the weaves and that he has tremendous potential. It also becomes apparent that this person is not just at one with the weave he is part of the weave it’s keeper and avatar.

They decide to travel to Skyrim with Kal. The week will take 2 weeks…

Scene 1 - Fueling the Machine

Fizbin and Siruls Shadow - They talk about machanis and the worlds. The shadow explains that with the instrurmenatlitalies can fit together to make 100s of gates.. Fizbin shares the information about the planes and where they may meet on this world. HE also reads about mechanis and sees that souls are the best fuel with ether as a second. (He thinks about the facts that no sould have passed on past this world…. How much fuel is here?)

Scene 2 - Uncaged

Arthus meets with David asks “why am I doing this?” because you are the only one who can, you have no thread you are outside of destiny and can make a choice.” . When I came here I was become free because there are no gods. I made a pact that the people of this world. I would help them fully free themselves from the tokens and trinkets of the gods. But now they grow scared and they thing about using the these items to “save” the world or to open the world. You are my champion. You will decide what needs to be done and I will stand by your choice. How does it feel to be free? (There is a flash of davud pinned to the tree with an arrow) he was the breaker. He is free here. Arthus feels he has protection and can take his gloves off.

Arthus transcribes the things he could not say to her openly. He writes it in his book to transcribe to Valenia everything in a way that would not be breaking any pact. (closing his eyes and writing the information)

Scene 3 - Weights and Measures

Arthus & Fizbin discuss the idea of taking the instrumentalities and trying to open a gate. AS they do William & Alsar talk about tactics until alec goes to them and asks what it’s like to carry the instrumentality (confessing his own anxiousness and curiosity) and both men refer to the humbling and powerful feeling. Alsar considers himself “using: the power taking it as its needed. William discuss the idea of asking for power not taking it. (William is understand his resurrection is MASS resurrection). In the conversation Alasar has the realization that if William can commune with his God why cannt he? As they talk they feel the sunrise, they notice the sun is alittle different. (slightly twin) . William refers to his God as his father. Alec asks them both… The golds are direct descendants of Balmut and William is the son of his God. They talk about whether or not birth dictates power… does holy birth or inheritance of power make you worthy to weild it. The question is who are we to weild their power Alsar “Respond we are there champions, we are their chosen, we carry their banners and scream their names. We are the choosen” and William responds…. “we are their servants” Alec asks “I wonder if Pelor & Balamut had this same conversation?”.

There is then a chat about why Thorn came to be and what corrupt fate could be come.

Scene 4 - Flights of Fancy

There are bon fires buring around the place. There are campfires. William asked “I wonder who’s here?”

Kal, Fizbin and Arthus discuss the dangers of their approach to the shores of Skyrim. Using Kal’s spyglass they realize that there is something waiting for them.

Alisaar joins them and says that Gerard is certainly trying to fortify the most likely points that they could pass to return to the Library. They discuss how to proceed and Alisaar volunteers to scout with the aid of Fizbin’s and William’s magic.

Alisaar flies up toward the mountain range, feeling the natural power and grace of his new abilities. It becomes clear to him that he flies very much like Aurax. He scouts their defenses noting numbers, armaments, patrol patterns, etc…

When explaining what he saw saw to Fizbin was a mile by a mile of thorns with small rainbow effects. The effects were Ironwood & less globes of invulnerability.

The plan is such that by using chain spell, they will fly to the edge of the thorns and fight through a small group of orcs. Arthus has a vision of himself as a mage and William prays.

They fight outside and pass through and see father davis


Chapter 36 - Plans in Motion

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Chapter 38 - Unknown Allies


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