Chapter 36 - Plans in Motion

Cut Scene

An orc raiding party eats around a large open fire pit. They brag and scuffle with one another in anticipation of their next attack, eager to inflict more harm on the "manllings." The commotion slows and finally ceases altogether as a single cloaked figure moves toward the fire. He is the shaman, the medicine man, the bringer of blessings and curses that both rally and terrify the onlookers. Though he is thinner and smaller than his warrior bred kin, they look to him with quiet reverence, willing to do his bidding at a moments notice.

The shaman is gaunt and pale, but his eyes are sharp. He is not sickly, rather he is simply unconcerned with his physical form. Holding a gnarled wooden staff to his side he addresses the crowd.

"Once again they elude us brothers." He says softly, though his voice reaches all in the campsite. The warriors look ashamed and shuffle in place unsure of how they will be punished.

"She demands their blood, and we will obey. We will not defeat them with strength or brute force, but we can gain leverage and destroy them from within." The crowd growls at the insult to their warrior hearts but a sweeping scowl from the shaman quickly silences the objections.

"There is one among them we can use. One whose weakness we can exploit." The shaman stretches out a boney clawed hand toward the fire and the logs pop and cinders fly wildly. Soon an image in the flames clarifies, a shining knight looking out over the sea toward the horizon.

"This one will be their undoing and she will have blood."

The crowd roars and the night descends into violence.

Scene 1 - The Name Game

Arthus & Fizbin are standing outside the bar. Fizbin is looking through the book and sees a young maiden named Sorine. Beanaeth her name is the word neice she looks like a younger version of fizbins mother. They take a sample of its flesh hoping for Alec.

As they converse about the images in the book. What fizbins says and hears is being edited by the charm of protection put on him by Varlin.

The weaves are highly affected by the presence of the unshifted flesh Seeing this Fizbin tries to discontect himself from the weaves and disappear from the world of magic entirely. This is the gift the goetic weave bestowed to him. The “water” of the weave shifts around him and he feels his magic start to wain. He knows instinctively to go back into the weave slowly.

When talking about Flint Arthus reveals he is a : Gifted duelist, decent tinker. Not a great student ZERO magical acumen. Gifted liar and cunning

They go back to the bar and there is a raven watching them.

Scene 2 - Waking of Ancient Bloodlines

Alisaar goes to his tribe and meets with the mates and blesses their union. He calls the tribe together and using the power of the instrumentality he shares with the town the instrumentality and uses it to share the feeling of being in the presence of dragons, They are all honored and their spirits bolstered an in a voice only alisar feels another voice “Tonight they will dream of Dragons”. Its voice is covered in gold and rich with the glory of a ritgeous victory.

They talk about the Nagas and Romulus explains that he has seen them. He wanted to fight one but was denied. He was denied because there was no profit in his death. Alasar is also entrusting the secret of Harrat to Tauren & Romulus (although they are very confused)

Using the instrumentality Alisar imparts all the details of the trip to Tauren. He also imparts the name of the tribe: Sons of the Wyrm. They are the first tribe.

Harrat is frustrated in his dragonborn form.
Alasar goes to Harrat, and they speak about Alasars family and the tribe. He uses the instrumentality to join Harrat and Harrim. Harrat is told that he is meant to be replace his father not only as king but as one of the seven golden dragons that are the direct servant of Bahamut.

Scene 3 - I Hate You, but I'd Love a Cigar

Meanwhile back in the bar…
Arthus needs to make a roll to change the perception of Jack. He succeeds and he is now favorable to the bartender. Meanwhile,

When jack comes to the table there is moment where he tells the guys about a shipment that came from Bravil from B-17. After he tells the story both characters get a sense motive check. Fizbin fails.

Then fint shows up and explains to the boys about the fights as he and talks to then for a spell. They both fail sense motive roles and talk for a bit he gives them a few cigars in leather case with some gear works on it.

The boys take a bath:
1) Lets skip the matches and give him the slip
2) Fizbin asks about Velenia.
3) Fizbin mentions the warehouse. Warehouse B-17

Cut Scene

A page is sent out
Marlene is bitten by a black fly, orc shaman.


Chapter 35 - Loose Lips

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Chapter 37 - Deeper Realizations


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