Chapter 35 - Loose Lips

Cut Scene

Deep inside a mountain a group of mages look at a globe. These men are the Mages Council. They are tracking a young mage whose been using power. We learn that Fizbin has been noticed by them and now needs to be observed as he has great potential. One of them, Listens to wind, goes to observe Fizbin. As the words are spoken, Arthus sees the new reality emerge for fizbin.

Scene 1 - Aftermath

The group looks at the carnage of the previous fight. Alasar immediately recognizes that this was a test and the first of many organized attack. As William tends to his friends he feels some discomfort when working with Alec. As the they regroup, Alasars tribe on The Chain comes running to his aid however the threat has been dealt with. Alasar tells, Romulus and Tauren, that he has decided that they will take groups of dragonborn to yacuda as a way of learning the old and new ways.

Overall the group has mixed feelings about their new enemy, The Orcs. Alsar would impressed with prowess but disgusted with lack of any code. William is disgusted that the sole purpose is to wage war, hating the idea of fighting for no meaning. Arthus has no use for this type of creature. They have no true purpose. Fizbin totally indifferent. Alec feel some sense of empathy and disgust.

At this point the group splits up with, William returning to the ship to see Marlena and Alec & Alsar go to their tribes repectively.

Scene 2 - At The Bar

Meanwhile, Arthus & Fizbin go to the bar. Once they arrive, the bartender sees Arthus and tells one of his people that this is the guy who stole the “passports”. Arthus, makes his way over and is able to calm the bartender down. But the damage is down and the "owners" of the stolen merchandise are on their way.

Meanwhile, an old rival of Arthus shows at the bar, Flint. While sitting with the group two he taunts Arthus with a few lines:
- We grew up together
- We’re member of the same guild
- We’re in aquistions of rare items
- They miss you down at the Guild and we certainly can use you. Whatever have you been after?

Getting nervous about the conversation, Flint and Arthus excuse themselves and have a few private words:
David Talbot is losing the council
There is a black folder on Arthus (Target for betrayal?)
Arthus’ ring is not sending what he see’s to everyone and this is raising trouble
They know he’s with others and what do they know? Have you betrayed the keepers?
He’s keeping tabs on Arthus and will be.
Your friend has lots of questions.. soon he’ll want to know more..

Fizbin & Arthus chat about it and they discus alittle of what Arthus does. He explains that he was doing finding for things for a guild looking for tickets or antiques.

Scene 3 - Two Nagas walk into a bar

At this point the doors open up and two men come in. They are looking for passports that were stolen. Fizbin goes invisible, The bartender doesn’t sell out arthus because he's already been influenced by Arthus. Who then goes invisible.

Fizbin and arthus over hear the men and they are speaking abysal. They assume they are Nagas and follow them out. There is a moment of tension and the Nyads feel they are being watched. The two (Fizbin & Arthus) spring into an attack. This leads to a brief melee and until due to cunning one of the two escapes. However, the Naga they did kill has dropped a sachel. It contains a "description document" for a High Elven male from Elsewhere. These names are familiar to Fizbin.


Chapter 34 - Ambush!

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