Chapter 34 - Ambush!

Cut Scene

The introduction of the Orcs. Orcs are native to Morrowind, they live in a military state. Their War Chief "sells" whole groups as mercanaries for X year campaigns. The proceeds go back to grow the tribe. These orcs have been sold to Jennesta. They are not happy with this but this is their way. There leader, Stryker, has concerns with this particular assignment. They have they been fitted with slave collars? Why has the War Chief been acting so odd lately?

Scene 1 - Getting to know you

Harrat & Alasar speak about fathers and Sons. Specifically, what it is that they want and what their place in the grand design is. They are both so alike and yet different. Their fathers gave them power & will but they also tried to teach them obedience. These things cannot live together. When the time comes, they will each rule very differently then there parents. Harrat knows his father is hurt but alive with his mother. He shares with Alasar that his father is concerned about his son.

William and Marlene spend more time together. William is more jovial and happy to be near her. He is learning what she finds important is freedom. They share an innocent kiss


Kal gives a the map to Arthus & Fizbin, its shows that the Spire exists in both places and the world touchs sigil on multiple layers. He also gives them a map of the spire and a sketch of airgonia.

Arthus then remembers the "passports" he stole (along with the fine elven wine) from the bar in The Chain. Kal explains that these are letters are for Elsewere (elven highland and Fizbin orginal albeirt unknown home)

Scene 2 - Visions, Instrumentalities & The Future

On the deck of the ship, Arthus and Alec talk about William and Marlene. During the talk about what eveyone's individual instrumentaliy does Arthus see's the "two sides of Alec". One, The deal maker demonic and growing in power and the other, the scholar filled with peace, a scribe. Arthus surmises that Alec's can let him make pacts and trade promises for raw power. They think that Arthus' instrumentality can possibly "Change the fate of anyone". And Fizbins could possible control the weave or augment magic.

Meanwhile, Alasar see's his tribe growning. Three of his tribe have been "joined" and hatchlings are on the way. He goes to each couple and bless their union.

Scene 3 - Orcs Attack!

A large contingent (17) Orcs attack in a very organizied military way. This challenges the group to go beyond their normal tactics and dig deep to survive. It becomes clear that these things work for Jennesta. They are marked with a chalky white hand signifying the Orc Mercenary groups.


Chapter 33 - Return to the Chain

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Chapter 35 - Loose Lips


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