Chapter 33 - Return to the Chain

Scene 1 - Suicide Mission?

Arthus is going almost mad playing through the different possible scenarios of rescuing Lilith. Unable to decide what to do he finally explains what happened when he first met Lilith (session 16) to Alec & Fizbin. Arthus is concerned about the state she’s in and he wants to help. He would storm the black marsh if he could but that would be a death sentence. He instead will seek a better way to help here. The group is suspicious, not of Arthus, but does Lilith understand him enough to know that the the damsel in distress would get him.

Also, when explaining that she has shown him "endless possibilities" and that he can sometimes see them and touch them. He summons his sight and with his new gift that he draws from his own possible reality the hat he wore a captain. Fizbin is skeptical and curious.

Scene 2 - Love & Questions

William talks to Raith about the whether or not to show the seed to Marlena or Kal. Although he appreciates the work and tenor of the steel, the meaning of the seed is somewhat lost on Raith. William spends the rest of his time contemplating what’s been done and the risks they've taken for this world. This spurs him to see Kal.

William presents the "seed" to Kal. He explains that this is the only gift he can give, a home, because she doesn't have one. He can offer her a home with him in Whitehaven. Kal takes some offense to this in his mind Marlena has a home, it's with him on this ship. This crew is a family and many of them have help teach and raise her. Add to the fact that this gift isn't really for her, its for William. It will restore his village and his people… it isn't something that is "for" Marlena. Kal asks the question "If you never met Marlena, wouldn't you of still made this?"

Ultimately, it is decided that William wants to court Marlena, he needs to finish his task. When it's completed it's up to her.

Alasar tries to comfort the Kings son, who is very awkward in his new dragonborn form. He simply longs to most of his time at bow of the ship feeling the wind on his face. He admits he is upset with his father and that he has all is life felt diminished. The Shaman explained to Harrat that there is seal on him to prevent other from finding him. He also has explained that he felt "compelled" to take a smaller form, but from where he doesn't know.

Scene 3 - Ok, What did you say?!?

Arthus, Fizbin & Alec talk about what they heard said from each other's soul on their passage to Yacuda. Arthus explains that he is engaged to Velenia and he is happy and she is unlike anyone else he has known. This comes as a shock to everyone. Next, Fizbin explains I could be Sirlus. He explains that he can talk to Sirilus and has concern about his future. Finally, Alec explains his line “I want his strength to destroy them all (referring to the demons & becoming a pit fiend)”.

They then begin to gossip abit about William asking the questions: What happened to William? Why is he so depressed and complaining and sad. Why is everything doom and gloom. AND what did the “son” of pelor mean?

Cut Scene

In a room, in a tower surrounded with black roses, Jennesta, watches hundreds of Orcs march into he land. She smiles while in the back ground, Liliths instrumentality spins inside a column of black energy. This energy is augments with runes of torture and ritual.


Chapter 32 - The World Beyond Our Eyes

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