Chapter 32 - The World Beyond Our Eyes

Cut Scene

A massive crater tears through the earth, it is 50 feet long and tapers down. It is wet with fresh blood that the earth greedily swallows. Struggling to rise to his feet is the form a man carrying a woman of surpasing etheral beauty. The Draconian King, whose body is torn with various cuts and bruises, holds this woman and looks at her while her eyes fill up with tears and she gently sobs "I dreamt about my sisters". Where her tears fall white lillies grow from the ground.

Scene 1 - A Day in the Life of Kingsmen

The five sit at a table, looking at the pumpkin seed. As each looks at the seed they feel a memory come to life. As their memories become more clear, they can smell the seed and they feel plants moving beneath their feet as roots take place.

After they share some memories it becomes back to business, They discuss their options:
Return Harrat - Fulfil the wish of the king
Take the Instrumentality - What does removing the instrumentality mean for Yacuda?
Go to the library - What can we learn about the Naga's?
The World - What is going on in the world?

Using the sending crystal, the group contacts Gran, he shares alot of important infromation:

He allows them to see him memory: A massive dragon attacks the imperial city (it is understood this is the king in his dragon form by the party not by Gran). He resuces the last of the four marble dragons that are being destroyed by Gerald. This was a trap, as he swooped in dozens of arblasts appreared (invisibility) and fired massive bolts tipped with poision so strong their scent was causing illness. Gran was perlexed by the scene until Alasar explains that there sisters (Statues) were the draconian kings consorts. This was a terrible thing and these deaths will mourned by all the dragon born people.

By using the Dagger of the Pact that Arthus gave him. They found that the Kingsmen had been infultrated by one naga and two of them were in the judicators. These three were all killed.

He also allowed them to see the battles so they could see the manner of creatures they fought: Evil demon-like things, Harpies & mercinary orcs. It also was a place to show the difference between Gran & Aldiar. They are both commanders however Aldiar is the Feild Commander & Gran is the Spymaster & Tactical Commander.

Gran returns and says that the adjucators & kingsmen has been fighting at the boarders of the city. It was designed to by impregnatable and it is. The group explains that they should use the gate at the library to get in. Gran responds "Gerald already closed that entrance, there is a wall of iron thorns surrounding it." The group knows differently, after the death of the last librarian, this is their new fortifications. They also have an invitation to return. They will negotiate the gate for the kingsmen and they will use this as a staging point for the war.

Fizbin visualizes a map that they all see. As they do Grans memory shows all the people in these areas and who is staged where. Gran has a group of spies. There are two in hammerfell. The spies tell us that the hammerfell people are distrustful of the new king. This is good for the group, as they know that the Overlord is a naga. This is great intel for Gran.

Scene 2 - Me & My Shadow

It become apparent that everything that Alisar knows so does Aurax. He is highly distrubed about the death of the 3 sister. He takes off in wrath and destroys a mountain by essentially charging it. This continues until he is beckon by the still seriously hurt Ban. They talk about faith in your people and they way the world is cruel but you must know this we dragons are all brothers and bound together by our Golden Father. This also brings peace to Alisar.

Scene 3 - The Instrumentality and Alidor

The group realizes its time to go and Alisar claims the Instumentality of Golden Dragon. In a massive ball of fire that engulfs everyone around the instrumentality. Each person hears the voice of a Dragon:
Warriors have no fear, tell one truth never spoken

Fizbin - I could be Sirlus.
Arthus – We’re engaged
Alec – I want his strength to destroy them all (referring to the demons & becoming a pit fiend)
William – I am the SON and Propohet of pelor
Alasar – I am more than my Father
Aurax – I don’t want to be alone again
Harratt - I am furious at my father
Zarn – Should I of fought to lead the tribe?
Random Dragonborn – I killed my brother (last session)
Random Dragonborn – I miss her voice (Speaking about Tiamat)
Random Dragonborn – I wasn’t choosen for Ban
Tak – I wasn’t strong enough to save Trogos. I failed as I did with my father.

As they open their eyes, they feel & see three suns burn overhead.
(The third sun was a gift from Peror. (as it says in the complete bible ; this was a gift from Pelor for having the dragons fly on Cruz, this explains why the egg was on Oerth)

Over the hill Alasar see, Mason and Duran and a Mecury Dragon. There is an immediatae momment of recollection. Alsar knows these are the two he met as boys in the book at the library. These two take the group to their settlement, their is a overwhelming feeling as they see dragon in mass overhead and at the camp their are dragons (20) and dragonborn (1000).

Alasar is brought into the tent of the settlement leader. The leader immediately senses the heritage of Alisar and reguards him as a equal. Alasar shows them the instrumentality and as a demonstration of its power, he uses it to make every dragonborn roar as they do he tells them that they will be a whole people soon.

William speaks to a Dragonborn shaman and he is surpriesed to see how much respect he is granted. It is explained that he is a son of Oreth. The people of Oreth were our allies and this preist had fought with father gladron, who in his youth was a battle preist. The Shaman adds of the priest "He was a good man, hopefully he died well."

Alasar finds out his ancestor is here and he is bonded to Tariq (Aurax's Grandfather). They travel to the camp where his ansetor is and the physical similarities are striking as they are welcomed as guests. This tribe is not like the others, there is not the same reigment, it is more free. Alasars Ancestor explains "I am a golden breed as are you. We don't have to be locked as out bretheren we share some small amount of Bahalumts wisdom and in wisdom is acceptance and peace. You believe in some of the same ways, correct?" It is amazing because Alasar is far kinder and gentler then his bretheren. He may not be THIS but perhaps a better middle ground? As the two speak a girl draws on a piece of metal a picture of Alasar, this picture will eventually be the one his mother gave him before they set out on this adventure.

William spies a cracked egg that has been reconstructed. The Ancestor explains that this carries a weapon of a fallen Pelorian hero. He was the messanger who brought word of the thrid sun and he was considered a wise man. The Ancestor says that the egg should be a gift for William now as it should pass from "One good man to Another". Inside the egg rests a kite sheild with two hammers over a sun.

It has the following boons:
It has no weight
Provides of 1 healing surge as per feat
+3 Sheild
Turn undead aura 5 Hit die or less cannot enter]
Ghost Stead (His fathers Horse)
Pelorian Resolve – Negates stat altering effects
Dragon scale – Resist Fire 10
Instaport to Home Church (Once per day)

After a meal together the group fades back into their world and Alasar shares what he's learned with his people. He also tells them that he will be sending others and they are you new tribesmen. (These are the tribesmen on the chain that Alasar set free).

They all board Kals ship and as the instrumentality is taken from this place so is its ability to move from location. This is the NEW permanent spot for Yacuda.

Cut Scene

On the deck of the ship, Arthus hears a gentle sobbing and see's the form of Lilith. She has been badly beaten and bloodied. She looks at Arthus and tells him "Help me" at this he sees a thin cord spring out from the ocean and notices it's tied to Lilith ankle. He then hears another deep and sultry voice dripping with sensuality and venom "There you are you little bitch, did you think you could leave me?" The cord is yanked and Lilith gets pulled at an amazing velocity as she turns to smoke. Arthus fills with wrath and begins thinking very dangerous things.


Chapter 31 - Respite

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