Chapter 31 - Respite

Cut Scene

The tribe is gathers the bodies of its fallen and begin the grim task of making the pyers. The town is mournful and there is shame in their eyes. Aruax & Alisar stand in the rain and watch the town. Longing for some solitude, Aurax goes off to hunt while Alisar goes to the fires for the dead. This momment is bittersweet: Alisar feels the thill of Aurax's hunt but the sorrow of the desicration of his new tribe.

Scene 1 - Reflections

The groups lets the reality of what has happened sync in as:
Fizbin studies dragon scales, Arthus writes, Alec reflects on the combat and William studies a shard of Godsteel.

Alisar address' the tribe, he hands his weapon to Tak to hold as he stands their in silence leting the rain wash over him. He takes in the scene of these senseless deaths and listens to the hiss and pop of rain falling into the flames. When he speaks it is not with a roar but with compassion:

“These were your brothers, you friends, your kin and they did not deserve to die this way. Since they could not die in battle with a true enemy, we honor them for their service to the tribe and we will rememeber their names as an example. So we will not make the same mistakes again in a moments of weakness.”

Alisar feels the eyes of the town on him because of his words and because of his new appearance. It is uncomfortable at first until Zarn places his hand on Alsars shoulder and lowers his head. This gesture shows submission and acceptance of Alasars leadership. In that momment he is the leader of the this Tribe. As his first act as leader he seeks out the familes of the dead. They trade stories and he eats with them. This is an act of respect rarely given.

Scene 2 - The Hammer & The Seed

As the rain pounds the earth, William prepares his soul for his choice for the forge. He friends are each worn out and tired. This exhaustion makes them light hearted and the pains of the group fade while they joke about the women they’ve woo’d or loved. Afterwards, William asks Alec & Alasar to join him at the forge.

Once at the forge, Willaim invokes his instrumentality and speaks to his father talk about faith and that William doesn’t follow a book or religion but his heart. His father adds: That is the difference between those who have a calling and those who are called. As he awakes from his time with his father he feels something pressed in his hand, it is his mother engagement ring.

William them focus' on the task at hand, creating something that is worthy of God Steel. He requests that Alec cut out a peice of his rib. This shocks everyone, but his desire and purpose it so strong, he inspires their trust. He then forges the steel in a perfect pumpkin seed containing his very own essence. This seed has Pelorian GodSteel and Blood from the son of Pelor, It can restore Whitehaven and upon Williams passing his spirit will protect this land.

Scene 3 - Dreaming Elves

As everyone is away, Fizbin dreams of the Elven lands, he has never known. He imagines two cousins walking through a field, on a nice day and he is at peace. It is a peace he has never really known, being home.

Scene 4 - Alisar's Choice

The group returns from the forge and Alec finds Alasar. They talk about what it's like to be leaders and how you often have to accept loss and what is it’s like to win but still lose. Their conversation is cut short when Harrat apprears and Alec tells Alasar to "go to him".

Cut Scene

The groups finds each other and is whole. They sit outside as the rains subsides. A toast is made with the fine eleven wine that Arthus "stole" from the bar at The Chain. The wine bears a embelem that resonates with Fizbin although he doesn't know why. The group raises their glasses as the toast: “ To White Haven”. They each sip the fine wine never knowing it come from the house that Fizbin family is a member of.


Chapter 30 - Aftermath

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