Chapter 30 - Aftermath

Scene 1 - After the Battle

The din of the battle wains and in the center of the field a new cage is growing out of the earth around ashen form of Trogos. The group takes stock of what happened and each member of the group wrestles with their feeling.

William, is very confused and upset at the fact that they were “used”. He felt that they were supposed to save Harrat not just put his curse on another. What makes trogos life worth less than harrat? Alsar responds explaining that Trogos’ name will become a curse but in his mind he will always be a hero. This is a fine answer but doesn’t move William.

Scene 2 - The Pelorian Oath

William invokes his instrumentality, becoming a living beacon of sunlight, which pushes aside the spirit of Tiamat while he pleges to free trogos. For a split-second, the darkness fades from Trogos. His eyes focus and he gives a warriors nod. This is breif as he through himself against the cage and Tiamat reasserts himself and taunts him by talking about pelor and telling William how good pelorians taste.

Scene 3 - The two sides of the coin

Alisar approachs the cage and atempts to speak to Trogos. This is no longer an option and instead he locks eyes with the evil that is Tiamats Shadow. He is taunted by him as Tiamat offers power and asks for the tastey young dragon that has arrived. Alisar reminds him of the fear Tiamat showed in the face a Bahamut, Tiamat responds "You are no bahamut". Alisar says "Not Yet"; Tiamat responds “Everyones brave when I’m in a cage”. Tiamat also repsonds that there has been four sacrafices in his name today…

Scene 4 - Lives torn asunder

Alasar goes to the town where 4 dragonborne have died. He asks them if there blood is weak and why they would do this. Do they sucumb so easily to the voice of Tiamat? One responds to this challenge with immediate hostility and strife. His eyes are glazed and his blood is up. Alisar is begining to understand (what fizbin already knowns) they were all charmed by Tiamat's song. Some of the chromatic dragonborn have resisted but most have not. Alasar explains that "this is not our way. These four who died are you brothers and will get hero's burials." He orders them to start the fires. They ask him of Trogos and his face tells them all they need to know. Son there will be a new leader.

Scene 5 - A Hero's Choice

Over the battleground, the group talks about the trials they have see suffered. William and Arthus says a better question where we entered this would have been “What would you suffer for?” because a great sacrifice was made here and there are more to come. William is still upset and Arthus says “this may not have been a fair or good end but he knew what he was doing”. William is still hurt that they haven’t made good. He explains: "We show up and do what we need to do; but afterward we don’t clean up our mess. Who is sitting on the overlords throne? Why didn’t we finish off the blackguard camp?"

At this point the Seer explains that Trogos had agreed to this years ago but they thought that Harrat was truly gone. It was only when Alasar returned did they known his spirit was intact. Also, the vessel of Trogos is powerful but ultimately not the threat that Harrat would of one day become. She explains that this was a great and terrible burden, but he understood and ultimately you helped fulfill the dream of a hero. His dream of saving his best friend, even at the cost of himself.

Alasar has taken his place as the head of this tribe and all tribes. He says the words : “I will be the leader of all tribes.” He will appoint Zarn as his second. They will feast for Trogos tonight.

The feast happens and Alasar is named head of the tribe. Tommrow. Tonight it is Trogos Tribe.


Chapter 29 - Dreams & Dragons

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