Chapter 29 - Dreams & Dragons

Opening Scene

Tac, Arthus & Fizbin. As Tac shows up to return Alasars armor. He meets Arthus and when he touches him he sees the two possible futures for tac in one he is utterly consumed by Tiamat and the other he is covered in tattoos from head to toe. He carries a massive by pedial battle axe with a bronze dragon behind him (he is a hero). He grabs Tac and this rattles him. Fizbin calms the boy with the story of the forge of Yucuda and they trade tales. Tac tells them about the ritual and that it takes place in the ancient forge. The 3 talk for a while and Tac becomes more approachable. As he leaves, Arthus tells him to stay near the town, Tac responds “Dragonborn does as they please not as their told” He smiles and goes to leave and arthus tells him “Alasar tried to teach me once that foolhard and brave aren’t the same thing. I didn’t learn it, you should try” He leaves.

Scene 1 - TITLE

Arthus and Fizbin discuss the fact that Arthus has been seeing the possible future of those around him and he doesn’t know why. Fizbin looks at him with mage sight and almost see’s something and it is lost. Arthus tells him that he’s only seen a flash once before (alluding to seeing the corruption of Fizbin). He then asks Fizbin how far do you want to take this thing with Sirilus. They talk about it and Fizbin explains what he saw during his time with the slave collar. Fizbin is becoming more introspective, will he have to take Sirilus power or die? Can he restore his humanity? Fizbin, also explains about the two machines he saw. The one designed to kill Jennesta and the other is to regain his humanity at the expense of fizbins life. One machine has been storing the power from ether whenever the mithil shifts. Fizbin also discuss the 3 repositories of Sirilus power, Himself (mind), The Golem (body) and The Boy (Spirit;Ghost). Should he try to absorb them but if he does will he lose himself? Arthus mentions returning to the library (it is from the Mechanis Plane) perhaps there is knowledge there about the machine.

Alec joins the group and talks about the other tribe and that he had to give them something sacred and he has now “joined” tribe. By making them part of his family if he uses the chalice of the brood; they will also be free. The names of this tribe have been inscribed on his body. Both Arthus and Fizbin realize there are two inscription one very fresh that would be his sons. An eyebrow is raised but nothing is said.

Cut Scene

Scene with the Seer: She shows the jar laided with runes to capture the spirit with Harrat. She make Alasar promise this if them fails Harrat must be killed. He agrees.

Scene 2 - The Second Trial

Alasar and Zarn begin the walk where Alsar will fight the fire of his elders (Fire Elemental) . His comrads will be there at the forge but as his family not his help. They will watch him sacrifice something sacred into the heart of the volcano. Alasar meets the group he has the scent of his own blood on him. Alasar has been evolving.

After a long walk through the jungles, the cliffs until they reach a cavern with freshly lit torches. They lead to a solid bronze perfectly smooth doors. This is the forge. There is a water fall of lava into chanels that have massive metal plate on them the are red hot. There are ancient tools of various size.

Alasar fights an Elder Huge Fire Elemental. This is a knockdown fight with Alasar eventually willing at the final moment. He is covered with lava and burning and when he erupts out his wings have fully formed. The group is awed by this sight. He then casts his fathers armor into the fire. He is declared a full member of the tribe and is special among the bonded sons of balamut. Fizbin is very moved by this transformation and asks what will become?

The group congradulates him and watch as he eats his fill and his wounds slowly heal before their eyes.

Scene 3 - The Devils Shadow

They make their way back to town with little tent and William see’s Alec with his holy sight. He see’s Alec’s Shadow in the shape of small pit fiend, it’s pacing and obvious has a heavy collar with a chain that seems to run to Alec’s hand. William questions him about it and tells him what he see’s, the group looks and see’s only a shadow but as William pushs they can swear that his shadows head turns to look William (but maybe this is just a trick of the light). Alec explains that if he fails to take the root or if he was to eat manflesh, he would be become fiend and since he is of the azure he would become a Pit Fiend one day. They exchange words and William offers his help. Alec thanks him and leaves.

The group each dreams of their lives and the things they to do.

Scene 4 - The Third & Unknown Trial

The group meets in the morning and discuss the nature of Harrat. They know that they are going to partake in the ritual to exorcise the tiamate from Harrat. As the ritual begins Trogos goes in the field in a circle of protection holding the Jar. The prision shatters and the group must defend Trogos and the Seer. Everyone begins the battle and Arouax bursts from the clouds to defend Alisar. It is now the 7 on one (Ban, Aurax, William, Fizbin, Alisar, Arthus & Alec Vs. The Posssessed Harrat). Suddenly jar shatters and the Seer screams "NOW!" and Trogos pulls a dagger out and slashes his own chests as the shadow of Tiamat rushes into him. His skin turns into pure ebony and he is held in the circle.

As the Jar breaks Arthus hears the padded feet of Tak padded feet running and yells “Trogos!”; he trips him (in a way that Tak doesn't know he was tripped) this saves him from one of the two fates that he predicted the day before. Alasar mounts Arauax arrives and they go back to town. William & Zarn try to heal Ban. It is obvious that this is the moment that makes tak become a hero.


Chapter 28 - The Trials

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