Chapter 28 - The Trials

Scene 1 - Prelude

Alec, Arthus, William & Fizbin - The group prepares for the feast and as they do Arthus picks up the map of the realm and his body goes rigid. He sees the map of the world fill with oceans of fire. Argonia is bathed in moon light and the capital city is leveled and filled with lava. This continues as long as Alec holds the map with him. It is deduced that this is the world if Lady Fierena wins the battle of the Gods (Alecs aligned instrumentality) The group discuss what the world would be like if each of their gods win.

Williams comes to realization that his god wanted this place. He was tricked for power. Was it benevolent? Was it for power?

Arthus asks Alec what she’s like (Lady Fierena) Alec explains that she is the pact maker. She is the one that went to an ancient line of nobles who subjugated their people. When their people rebelled she is the one who made the deal to make them powerful enough to continue their hold. These people became the first teiflings. Their children all hear the call of the Lady. Those who are pure direct descendants are here are called the Azure (Blue for blue blooded). Alec is one of these. These people are also tourtued to hear hear the loudest. Which is why he ingested an almost leathal dose of the root.

Fizbin shows the group the dragon scale he took from the center panel. The group is awed by it. And they all comment that Alasar is going to freak out. Alec asks William what he would do if Fizbin took holy water from his church to dissect and he ponderes it unable ot answer.

Scene 2 - The Feast

The Feast begins and Trogos announces Alasar and that he has taken the rite of the hunt (the meat from the feast was his from the T-Rex). Alec wears all his tropies; some of them from demons and great beasts. He shows the tattoos of the men he lost. He is well received and respect by these people. Alasar speaks and thanks the tribe and explains that it is an honor to be here. His friends sheer louder for him to show their respect. The tribe feasts.

William uses his instrumentality to touch another place, He sees his father and he explains that he has a great burden on him. His father replies would you trust anyone else with these choices? He responses “No” his father replies, “Then this is a blessing”. William asks what should he do? His father replies their comes a point in exvery fathers life that e must hope his son has all the tools he needs and then he must step back and see what he creates. “Create something great William.” He awakes.

Scene 3 - The First Trial

Zarn and Alasar begin their journey for the first Trial. Alasar picks the hard road. They discuss what Alsar felt when he touched the relic (Instrumentality). Once again Alasar picks the harder path. He tells Zarn; there will be a time of great strife between our people. This is because of Chromatic Vs. Metallic war. This war will occur when the mithil is destroyed. Does this have to happen?

Alasar picks all the hardest roads and the most difficult challenge. He fights a reptilian roc and bests him after them both trading some powerful blows. As it dies he sees the other 13 returning to the nest. Alasar scoops up the egg and dives off the cliff into the water below and after a series of aerial maneuvers he survivies and saves the egg. He brings it to the Seer with much fanfair. (It is explained that this egg will be raised until he can fend on his own. This will give him a better chance of survival. Thus the cycle is complete "a life for a life". Balance in nature) He calls for Pax to clean his armor. (Pax notices the scaring on Alasar’s back.) The Seer explains that she has discussed the rite with Trogus and he is aware of what must be done. It is commented; “He is saddened but he understands.” The ritual will be ready at the end of the last rite.

Scene 4 - William's moral dilema

The group gets together discusses the ramification of their actions. William impress’s that we will bring war on a scale that has never been known and it takes more for strength to maintain peace. But what do we do? What will we do and who will stop them? Who will stop the infighting? Dragonborn Vs dragonborn over the color of their scales. Drow and eleves fight openly, will the dragon born? William, is obviously upset that the group is making choices that may cause war to enter into the world. He is concerned for his place in it and the fact that that this may keep Marlene and William apart. But if he enjoys the peace between strife it could be a good life (if he tries hard enough)

Cut Scene - The 2nd Son

Alec is being staked to the ground and female teiflings are dancing over him. He is dripping with sweat and his eyes are glowing amber. His canines are enlongated and he howls into the sky. His body goes lip and his eyes turn cool blue. He snaps the bonds that hold him into the ground and goes into a tent to fathers a son. He has made a pact with these teiflings, they are now his family and as such they are bound by his loyalties and bargins. In the corner grows a familiar plant to the root he carries.


Chapter 27 - The Calm

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