Chapter 27 - The Calm

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Scene 1 - Aftershock

Alasar awakes in a massive dent in the ground caused by his own weight. His skin is smoldering and golden. He yells to the dragonborn watching him, “did you not feel it!?”. He is referring to the power of tiamat and Bahamut, that everyone felt. He challenges them to become more than what they are and soon we will be free under one tribe. At this point Zarn comes to him and explains that this is inappropriate as this is Trogos tribe. They leave.

Zarn explains that he understands what Alasar is trying to do but this is not there way. What he's done is a great insult and should not be taken lightly. "We are dargonborn; we follow order and respect the tribe and our fathers. Trogus, has sacraficed more than all of us. You must follow the order." They talk about the trials (Three to join the tribe and one to lead it)and that Alasar needs to take them. Alsar also confided to Zarn that he will take the instrumentality with him when the time comes.

Scene 2 - Rumblings

Fizbun stands in the crowd and hears them referring to the Prophesy and the choosen one and could Alasar be the one. (The Prophesy is that a golden son would return them home; it has been assumed this would be a dragon BUT could it be a Dragonborn) Fizbin follows the weaves to a hut when a shaman attempts to explain the nature of things and that he feels fizbin bouncing around off the weaves. He likens the caster to a fisherman and his skill as his nets:

When you cast hard and pull you net back in you will get many fish but you will destroy you net soon
When you cast soft your net will last forever but you'll never get enough food to survive
When you cast with balance, your net will last for a long time and you will always have enough to eat

He attempts to show hime how to calm himself and realizes this the one thing Sirlus can't do (subtle magic). He can force the weave but not bend it genty. He is stuggling but spends the afternoon working on this. The Shaman annoints him and Fizbin is able to clearly see the "Drudic nature of things" for a few momments.

Scene 3 - Repose

Arthus, William and Alec. - The group trades some fears about succeeding and failing. The group talks about their feeling for their respective women. They also discuss the demon that will need to be taken for Fizbin. The demon is a 4 armed beast that is the son of a prince, This prince is the son of a duke from hell.

Note: According to myth, Boccob once outwitted and bound a mighty demon prince for a thousand years (the identity of this prince varies from tale to tale, but most believe that it was Fraz-Urb'luu and that Zagyg used this to impress Boccob to ascend to divinity. This myth teaches the importance of the Balance, and how planning and knowledge can be used to overcome a more powerful foe. (This is a foreshadowing of what Fizbin will do)

Scene 4 - The Lost Dragonborn

On the way to the feast Alasar and Trogus talk. It is understood that Trogus is in lost the separation of his dragon. He felt the rumblings of his pain this afternoon when Alasar used the Instrumentality and he is in constant suffering from Harrat's tortured soul. When Alsar says there is a way to free him, Trogus is hopefully but doubtful. Alasar must first Join the tribe.

(Adulthood) The Wyvern Race - A Dragonborn will climb the volcano and snatch an egg from the Flying Lizards who are there. This is returned intact to the Seer.
(Hunter) The Hunt - You must hunt a beast for the tribe.
(Warrior) The Sacrfice to Balhmut - You must cast a great thing into the Center of Volvanco.

Additonal Trials:
(Shamanhood) Vision Quest - A shaman must go 7 days without food and then go into the forest for 3 days and experiece a profound and altering change
(Bonding) Challenge of the Ancestors - You must prove your worth by overcoming a great thing (Chosen by the dragons Parent)
(Leadership) Rite to Lead - Any fullybonded dragonborn who is a full member of the Tribe may fight for the right to lead. (The current lead may turn down the fight if the oppenent is unworthy
(Mating) Choosen Line - Parents would meet and decide who they want to have mate. The seer would approve based on a gift given by the male.

Note: Alasar may take 1 additional character with him.

Cut Scene

Alasar goes to the Seer and explains what has happened (Although she had already felt it). Alsar explains that Harrat is still inside his body although he is weakened; the seer is amazed that his spirit survived even for a momment. Alsar then Seer to complete a ritual to cast out the demon; she said it would take 3 days to complete. Finally, when weighing what would happen she tells Alasar that she she see's confilt and he responds "I see Victory”.


Chapter 26 - Exploring the Tribe

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