Chapter 26 - Exploring the Tribe

Cut Scene


Scene 1 - Breakfast Morning

Lunch is served. It is a mix of fruits (some toxic to human) The group discuss nature of this place and whether or not it is like Alsars home. Alsar explains it is like home but a different interpretation. Alasar continues of to discuss the trial he took and that he’s getting tired of proving his mettle at every turn. He also explains to Alec that as a leader; not every challenged offered should be met. You should not prove yourself to the unworthy. “We are charged with great things:. Arthus and Alsar converse about the nature of Dragon Born, It becomes apparent that Alasar has had to should a lot to maintain these friendships. It is also interesting that Alasar is the more opened minded dragon born. Alasar also mention that life is filled with challenges you must face them “You have a chance to succeed or fail, every single day. What will you do today?”

The world shifts and the sun moves; Yacuda is on the move. Fizbin sees a few scales on the “landing pad”.

Scene 2 - To the Seer

Alsar meets a young dragonborn boy named TAC. His father was killed by the anthema, he is looking forward to his day to be tested and become a man. He likes Alasar and he asks if he will become the new leader of the Clan (This is a amazingly foward question). He asks him about his exploits and his way. He is very much the Plucky sidekick.

They go to the Seers tent and Alasar is introduced and she explains to him. (the seer speaks the bones… it is always “Says Fire, Says Water, Says Earth, Says Wind”
Wind is emotion, Fire is passion, Earth is stable, Water is farseeing) She explains the following:

- Alsar reaches out to aurax and learns what he knows and vice versa. He is on his way.

- Only the golden skinned can use the instrumentality (They are in the image of Bahamut)

- The anthema was Trogs mount, who is also the kings son. He went mad after trying to use the instrumentality to find his father.

- Apparently, when he used the Instrumentality he was possed by and ancient evil. This evil is an echo of Tiamat. This caused him erupt 5 heads, blacken his skin (From Silver) and sends him on a rampage. In the battle that ensuses many dragonborn were killed (13) and his 3 heads were loped off, he is caged and wild.

- On the back of his mothers scroll, is the depiction of a Chromatic and Metallic dragon at war. If the worlds are brought together there will be a race war. All of the Chromatic dragonborn were killed by the metallic in tameril. This is the sins of the father.

- If the instrumentality is taken Yacuda will fade and the dragons will die in time (withing a few years).

- Yacuda will also cease to "move", in and out of this world. It exists in the "Shadow of it God" (As an effect of the instrumentality)

- Tak’s bones also say: Leader and Homebringer

- The sons name is Harrat son of Harin. Offspring of the eldest of the four sister.

Scene 3 - Freeing the Son

Alasar goes to the instrumentality and reaches out for Harrat. He hears him being beaten down from an echo of tiamat. Tiamat wants them to succeed and bring the war. If the Mithil is destroyed the Chromatic and Metallic Dragonborn with turn on each other (Eve eating the apple and learning the truth). During this exchange the brass dragon (Ban) can here everything being said but the rest of village feels the evil presence and then suddenly. The connection all golds have to Bahamut and his own warriors pride surges foward and a massive golden dragon is seen looming over Alasar. This pushes the evil back with him explaining that this will not end well for Alasar.

The whole town watches but only Tak is brave enough to go and see if Alasar needs help. Eminating from Alasar is the power of Bahamut in a golden glow.

Cut Scene

Trogus standing outside the cage of Harrat something has made him go wild trashing and cursing against his cage. The Teiflings await the order for them to fire it is not given. We begin to see that Trogus is broken by the lost of his mount and would stop at nothing to free him.


Chapter 25 - The Lost World

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