Chapter 25 - The Lost World

Cut Scene

The ship lands near the shores of the Island, the water here is different from the oceans of home. The ship sits higher due to salt content and the fish around the boat flost to the surface choking only to be picked up by 3-4 Ft long dragon flies.

Scene 1 - The Lost World

The Island. The group comes on the shores and are attacked by two T-Rex. One of them is a pregnant with 4 eggs, 2 will survive. Alasar takes the two hearts as gifts. Fizbin wants to take one of them to trade with Dorn. There is a few moments of tension between Alasar and Fizbin, over whether or not to keep the eggs. Ultimately, the choice is the give the eggs as a trade. Fizbin begins to make a mention that one of the beasts were pregnant and that they were only defending themselves, this made for poor sport. Alasar responds: “For my people the hunt is not sport. It is a test of skill but we hunt for survival” (To everyone it seemed odd that Fizbin was so concerned over the animals, especially considering his own methods and ways)

Soon after the battle the group meets some Dragonborn hunters, who have been tracking the beast. They exchange basic questions:
What tribe are you? (The Great Tribe)
Who is your Father? (The Genral)
Are these people your tribe? (NO)

At Alasars behest they take the meat and the group to the town. Alec learns there are other teiflings here.

They go to a vibrant town which is the First Tribe. There is a tremendous paved stone center. With hot air jets. The instrumentality is there. Then a Brass dragon flies overhead

Scene 2 - Balance of Power

Alasar meet Trogus. He is also fully bonded and obvious the tibal leader. He asks what tribe Alasar is from and why does he wear armor (are you scales no enough?) and where is his dragon. Alasar responds he is part of the great tribe and this armor was his grandfathers and his dragon is on his way. Trogus says he should be marked to honor his father not wear steel. Alsar offers Trogus the female heart NOT the large male (this shows his dominance). He offers him to join the tribe or represent his own. Alasar says its an honor to be invited but he must not dishonor his family. They are invited to a dinner and marking ceremony,

Scene 3 - The Brass Dragon

The brass dragon lands and speaks to a child in passing. Then turns his attention to Alasar, speaking to him through his mental link (with all dragonborn). He explains that there is an beast an abomination. It is powerful and terrible. I cannot be mention. They speak about a few more things. He tell him he should mate, there aren’t enough golds. Alasar tells him he has been tasked with bring home the Draconian Kings son. The Brass dragon shy away from that conversation and mentions the Draconian King by his real name Harin. He asks about the 4 sisters, they are the most beautiful women he has seen. (It comes to light that the 4 sisters are the four dragons around the tower in the imperial city)

Soon, Alsar tries to touch the instrumentality and sees the minds of all the Dragonborn. It is too much for him to take and it makes his body feel drained and tired.

Cut Scene

In the shadow of the volcano a massive cage of stone and ash sits. There are five Teiflings with massive arbalasts pointed at it.


Chapter 24 - Voyage to Yakuda, Part 2

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Chapter 26 - Exploring the Tribe


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