Chapter 24 - Voyage to Yakuda, Part 2

Cut Scene

Fibin’s Mother and Father have moved into the Imperial city. The Father has a job with Gerald. He is work taking the hearts of the dead and building profiles on them. He returns home and makes love to Fizbins Mother.

Scene 1 - Echoes of Sirillius

Fizbin uses the collar – The machine is to rejoin the 3 and make him human. The echo gives him a spell to return. Arthus listens in to everything. When he takes the power of three and becomes human again he will go and defeat Jennesta. Sirilus will then join the group to destroy the Mithil to allow Jennesta Spirit to be taken by the gods outside the Mithil. Arthus hears that Fizbin made a deal with Dron. The echo gives him information about what the demon he needs to catch is: Sethuria; a demon prince.

Scene 2 - Tales from Sommerset Isles

Alec & Alasar – What do you think will happen when you go to yacuda? I hope it was better than my time. Alec explains to him that there is one thing inside is a dracolich. It was the first son of Lo (the eternal one), Vorel. The Hailing Palace and the lava lakes is where he goes. We should meet him says Alasar. Vorel is Diamond Skinned.

Scene 3 - The Many Sides of Arthus

Arthus & Lilith Chat – She sees him going to yacuda and she won’t hear or see him there. They talk of what could have been and Arthus says he thinks he would of liked to have been a sailor. She says that in another life he was a captain. Immediately, the ship is different. It’s a corsair. Setup with gears, Arthus is wearing a French Captains outfit (modified) he has a pair of automatic pistols. The men all cheer for him. He asks Lilith “Is this another place?” She says “No, This is another possibility. There was a boy born who would have been a genius of steal and steam. He was bitten by a snake in the field. This world died with him” Arthus, takes off the hat and the world goes back to this one and she kisses him. It is a hungering deep kiss that is amazingly real and unreal.

Arthus &Kal Chat- The nature of women and the things they make us do. Kal explains of Akasha and the blades. Arthus explains that his weapons come from Valenia. Kal shows him the scar he got for looking at another women from Akasha. The two laugh and make jokes. They are clearly becoming friends. Kal tells Arthus about his challenge to William.

Scene 4 - Around the Forge

William & Raethe are working in the forge together. Arthus walks in. He opens with “I never thought a women would make you miss the morning sun”. Williams says it’s not because of a woman but because of the dream he had of Oreth and his father. He explains that has his father hammer. He has yet to wield it at the forge. Raethe asks "Why aren’t you using you father's hammer?” The response is “I’m not ready.” Everyone looks at him as he tentatively uses the hammer and feels far more “right”. Once again he returns to the forge. Arthus asks him “Don’t waste all your time here.. talk to her”. He returns back to work muttering “When did my life become an open book”. Raethe explains his story to William. They talk about forges and the best weapons. Raethe explains that once he has used his fathers hammer no tool would be it’s equal. He is here looking for his last kinsmen. He discuss his God and his journey. Wlliam thanks Raethe for teaching him and Raethe response “Thank me by making something great”

Scene 5 - Talking to Old Friends

The five do a sending to Bartlebe . He’s hurt, although he’s trying to hide it. He explains that the city is wardened off. However, the Kingsmen are killing the Black Guard and the Adjudicators are also fighting. The outside of the city is being purged. The group trades information and at the end Fizbin says coldly “White Haven is gone and will never been the same”. William tells him to shut up. They end the sending and William confronts Fizbin about making that statement to Bartlebee as he lay their hurt and with all the good he’s done for them. Fizbin doesn’t understand.

Scene 6 - Making the Bones

The captain comes out and begins barking. The sea splits and water seems to slow as runes light up faster and faster along the ship. The bones are massive and dwarf the ship and as the move by faster and faster it becomes apart that these were a mother dragons. At this point the ship become tight and compressed and then suddenly it shoots forward into the darkness and everything gets slow, a man tumbles from the crows nest and Alec grabs him is a slow motion and then fire erupts around them and they hear a voice like gravel of steel.

  • What would you die for?
    • Arthus - Her
    • Alasar – My People
    • William – My Friends
    • Fizbin - Freedom
    • Alec - Freedom
  • What would you kill for?
    • Arthus – The Truth
    • Alasar – His Will
    • William – The Light (over darkness)
    • Fizbin – Power
    • Alec – Freedom


Chapter 23 - Voyage to Yakuda, Part 1

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