Chapter 23 - Voyage to Yakuda, Part 1

Scene 1 - William and Blacksmith

Joesph a kindly man shows William how to become a smith. He gives him a basic overview and eventually allows him use the forge. He talks to him about the nature of being a smith and that the metal wants to become what it’s meant to become. But we do have some say in the matter not much but sometime a little say is enough. As he become more proficient he begins working on a new sun sigil.

Scene 2 - Of Quests and Women

Raith and William talk about Marlene
William and Raith chat about being a smith and what work is for a smith. Maybe a smith would be a good choice he could stay on the ship and keep staring at “her” not saying anything when its obvious he wants to court her.
She is willful, strong and if Kal can’t keep her neither can William. Raith tells him to put aside his fears and tell her his intentions and stop being such a “goody goody” and that “Fortune favors the bold and so does she”

Kal & Arthus women trouble
The two discuss the nature of women and about Valenia & Lilith. One is the dark and other the light. He has to pick one of them. Kal gives arthus a present some high end tabacoo and a brass case engraved :To Arthus for your adventure. They talk about the future of the Keepers and why things always change. Kal doesn’t know what david is either. Arthus & Fizbin are invited to his chanbers.

William & Kal
William asks to court Marlene. Kal reluctantly agrees after showing him his two blade and say that his love crafted these and would have to craft something that would be as important to marlene as these blades are to Kal. Then they can court.

Kal & Raith
This is a painful. Marlene is growing up and hopefully it will so be time for everyone to do what they must. We have traveled along time together and soon Raith will have his final vengeance and peace with his brother.

Scene 3 - The Bigger Picture

Kal explains the Wheel & Sigil
He explains that if they are next to Sigil and if they destroy the “bubble” there is a chance that this world would become a gateway. Unlike Sigil where her queen is so powerful this world has no such protector and it could become rampant with otherworldly beings that could use it to stage wars and more. There is a new concern if the open the bubble.

Scene 4 - The Harpies

The boat is attacked by a group of harpies. They are dispatched off quickly.

William fights his fight and then runs to Marlenes aid (even though she doesn’t need it). He tries to interrupt twice. At the end of the fight she yells I don’t need you help and then she throws doen a hankercheif and is exasperated

Scene 5 - Alec's Legend

Alec and Arthus talk about
the Keepers and the “Chalice of the Brood”
The Root is running out for him he’s taking a very high level of the root to maintain control. BUT whene he takes less he is granted great physical prowess and hunting skills. BUT he hear’s the demon queens voice louder and louder. There is artifact called the chalice of the brood, it supposedly can release all of the teiflings.

Scene 6 - A Question of Trust

Fizbin asks Arthus to help him with finding out more about Sirillius. Arthus agress only to find out that Fizbin wants him to be the master of the collar that would make Fizbin a slave. The collar is put on Fizbin and Arthus commands him to sleep.


Chapter 22 - The Nameless Clan

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