Chapter 22 - The Nameless Clan

Scene 1 - The Great Hunt

The great hunt. Alsasr leads the hunt for a boar with the wounded and weakened state. Ro,mulus is bored of this and follows out of duty. Although watching Alasar’s lead Romulus tries to teach a young one to fight. Alasar kills a dire boar and eats the heart. He eats the heart and tells them that soon they will earn their own. Romuuls tells Alasar that that this is the first new tribe on 300 years. Alasar tells him they will soon earn a name.

Romulus describes Lars and mentions he is a archmage who has been here and traded slaves for power. Alasar seethes and says he knows him. He is now the head of the great council. Both Romulus and Tauren both explain that Alasar that he should of killed him when he gets a chance. The skin of the boar will make sacred drums and the skull of the boar will adorn the long hut

Scene 2 - Dreams of a Father

There is a scene of the past. The “smith” that was Williams father is there. Thorn comes and for the smith after the show of light the day before. The smith is in a breat plate and weilds a hammer. He throws it and it returns after killing on of the knight coming for him. Thorn delares peace even through he is a heretic andused dark magic. The smith will be forgiven, as he lower his hands Luz’s army is there they raid the town and pelt the smith with poison arrows. Williams mother is killed after she fells 4 demons. The smith throws his hammer at Thorn and take part of his face off exposing the white of his Jaw. His father then takes him to a hidden silver runes engraved in the ground. His father tells him I love you and he is sent into the darkness he sees his fathers power leaves his spirit and turn to ash.

He wakes up scream the hammer given to by the priest on Oerth (many sessions ago) is burning white. They talk for a while and William leaves to find a smith.

Scene 3 - Githyanki

Alec and Fizbin arrive at the “camp site”. It is about 150 X 150 in the center is a large fire with a Dire boar on it. The camp site it well made up in a short time. Fizbin makes a fountain erupt out of the earth with the head of Aurox. It is welcomes gift. Alec feeds then more root and one says “My name… was… Andrew.” Alec smiles, and yells “We thank our Bretheren” he then howls at the sky ( a first) and then all of the teiflings do the say. The fest begins.

Towards the end of the feast, a Githyanki with a invitation for Alsa to meet Githyanki Leader Kasar of The Silver Blade.. Alsar agrees ans goes to meet with him.

While he is gone he goes Alec & Fizbin create structures to help with the Tribal Settlement. Alasar meets the Kasar and AGREES to a pact for all the full blooded dragonborn. The pact is that they will become allies and this will mean the ability to help or stay out of a fight.

Alasar asks them if they belong here they say they think no one belongs here. They don’t know if they belong here. They speak about Lars and Alsar mentions that he’s been here and they mention they have tried him once. Alasar explains that he is an enemy and they answer will train him batter to make him worthy of Alasar. Alasar thanks them.

Alec tells William and his people about the root and it’s effect. (Arthus already knew). At this point he explains that he planted his in the Mithil and shared it with the others there. He turn white knowing that he may of made a mistake by telling Fizbin (Does this mean that he made a mistake by telling him thus Sirilus knows)

Scene 4 - Tug of War

Fizbin leaves Alec and Aalisar at the camp and heads back to the tavern. On the way he is intercepted by Dron's messenger and they promptly meet again to discuss a deal. In the deal they agree to broker information - for every piece that Fizbin tells Dron, in exchange Dron answers any one question. This sparks a exchange of information:

Dron – There is a warehouse where the Nyads made a trade for an artifact
Fizbin – The overlord & gerad s a Nyad
Dron – The Nyads needed artifacts and Dron hooked it up. They then replaced the “keeper” there
Fizbin – There are 3 philactaries and multiple clones of Sirilus

They trade a collar with for him catching specific demon in the Mithil on Sommerset Isles.

Scene 5 - Happy Reunions

Alasar – is a leaving Romulus and Tauren at the emcampment

They return the Tavern where everyone meets up with each other Fibin tell arthus what he’s learned. Arthus realizes that this is Nonni’s warhouse which is owned by the Keepers. This is passed onto Velenia.

Kal welcomes everyone into the ship and William is smitten with Marlena (She is stacked with protective magics and regenation). They leave.

Information is exchanged to the Nyads.
Dron sells the information he got from Fizbin to a Nyad Ambassadorn

William likes Marlena
Throught the mirror Lilith watchs Valenia. And she mimics her while she brushes her hair.


Chapter 21 - Trouble with Women: Arthus' Story

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