Chapter 20 - Devil's Bargains

Cut Scene

The draconian king comes to save his brothers. Gerald ha destroyed 3 of the 4 dragons. The king arrives as a dragon and takes away one of the stone statues. Gerlad is ready for him and arbalests, the dragon king is wound but takes away the stone giant. Gerald is furious.

Scene 1 - The Hunt

There is a moment of tension when the knights see alec. The scene begins with the group chasing the Nyad from the last session. Alec acting more feral than normal hunts the quarry into the forest. They find a commoners body that’s hear has been ripped out. At this point the tracks become horse. The knight extends his aura to the almost a quarter mile. The travel back and arthus figures out that they are vampiric and heal through death. This become a conversation about what if they power of the heart gives them additional abilities. They return to the room and see that this was a separate area for the nyad. There are sketches of peter. They speak about whether or not he was to be the next victim. He has a “key” a special one way into the mithil. He gives it William. Arthus rejoin valeria. They speak for a moment and then separate for a private chat. Arthus senses Lilith is nearby.

Scene 2 - The Price for Freedom

Alasar goes looking for dorn. They stop at an alchemy shop where alec get his root. (Which he was running very low) They stop at a mining shop where they get directions to the games They go to the games and see a massive colsum. There are 4 balconies, 1 has githyankee, 1 has drow (mages), 1 Dron and his warriors and the last was a secret. Alasar challenges the master of the pit Romulus and the stakes are; if he wins the dragonborn will be set free if not everyone becomes a slave. The group puts on slave collars and watch the fight until alasar wins and defeats rolumus and Alasar offers him his life as his 2nd in command. He agrees. The slave come out and call him alasar the terrible and he say no alasar the just, then the crowd cheers alsar the just. Fizbin goes into a trance due to the collar he meets the shadow of Sirius. He explains that they share this mind and he urges him to learn. At this point he explains that sirilus will us fizbins body and the pilactories to become a eladrin and not a lich. He will also explains that this will work out once sirilus has killed jenests he will supplant here and blanace the scales. Fizbin asks how and the the shade says look out at the window at the machine. It’s massive and as soon as the shade starts to explain it…. He wakes up.


Chapter 19 - Links in the Chain

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Chapter 21 - Trouble with Women: Arthus' Story


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