Chapter 19 - Links in the Chain

Scene 1 - The Pelorian Knights

William tells the story of the overlord and how he came into the possession of the “relic”. He also uses the instrumentality to manifest the “true” book of pelor. When he uses it he feels the books says “take me away in the light” (The light is the name for the SPIRE & the White Cardinal) William explains that he is on a holy mission and the Peter agrees that the he is. He is supposed to bring the relic to the white cardinal. The room is heating up and Peter gives William a sacred and holy charge to return the instrumentality to the white cardinal. He also explains that the church is at war with the teiflings. One tried to kill the white cardinal. The armies of the pelorians knight are standing at the shore killing the things that got through days ago from the Mithial. This leads to an ultimatium: take the relic to the holy city.

Scene 2 - Champagne with a Guilt Chaser

Arthus had been doing his best to contain himself all night as he and Velenia shared a bottle of Elven champagne on the balcony of the Bow. After getting reacquainted Arthus decided he would seize this opportunity to introduce her to his friends since the events in Whitehaven ruined his plans to do so after the festival.

Before making their way back to the bar room, Arthus pointed out that there were several men nervously shadowing them. Velenia filled Arthus in on her four charges and explained that they were looking for the finger bone of an ancient wizard that was thought to be in the area. Supposedly it had the potential to either strengthen or destroy the mithal, and David wanted it out of play. She also expressed concerns over Arthus’ mission and how it might affect David’s standing in the Keepers. The Council was preparing to move against him, and if Arthus was not successful there would be no hope for either of them.

Arthus knew that just offering this information was a great risk to Velenia, and if there weren’t enough reasons to see this thing through, there were now. He asked Velenia about the Bell of Pelor, and she was quite certain it should be in a storehouse where it belonged. He let her know about Nonni and she agreed to look into it.

They walked over to where Arthus’ friends were standing, and he beamed as Velenia met the rest of the most important people in his life. The only thing that the moment was missing was a round of Pumpkin Ale. Introductions and small talk gave way to shouting and the crash of metal outside. It was William, and the only word that Arthus could make out was “Naga!” He took off through the crowd and came sliding to a stop next to the frustrated knight. As the street filled with the rest of his comrades, followed by several knights from William’s order and many curious patrons, Arthus and Velenia stood face to face lingering on a long moment as their blades crossed and hummed.

Time seemed to stop for them both until raised voices brought them back to the present. Arthus heard the veiled threats of the knights against Alec, and saw Alisaar move to flank the Tiefling in an unspoken challenge to the entire group. Arthus instinctively slid alongside his friend, keeping his throwing knives ready under his cloak.

Arthus could hear Alec’s breathing and felt the heat coming from Alisaar and he wondered if there was any way to avoid coming to blows with William’s brethren. Somehow William managed to settle the matter and the two groups agreed to track the Naga before it was too late.

Though he would be damned before he questioned Alec in front of the group of haughty paladins, Arthus was unsure of how they could possibly catch up with the creature. Their limited experience with the Nagas had taught them that they were unnaturally fast, cunning, and stealthy.

He reluctantly said goodnight to Velenia and raced after Alec, following his every move until they were well outside of the town limits and in the wilderness. Despite the fruitlessness of the chase, Arthus enjoyed the excitement of barreling through the town and watching Alec at work. He had learned a few important things by the time they had called off the search. First, Alec was fast becoming a master tracker, spotting clues and picking up details with an acumen that any frontiersman would envy. Second, the Nagas were a far more insidious bunch than they already thought. The creatures were not limited to humanoid forms, and could, it seemed, draw power and energy from consuming the hearts of their victims. The thought of what might happen if a Naga devoured the “essence” of someone other than a street urchin was sobering. Finally, it was clear that not all Knights of Pelor were created equal. The tension between William and the other knights was not subtle, and William clearly had trouble deferring to Peter although the latter was obviously the ranking knight.

Arthus spent the slow ride back to the Bow discussing things with Fizbin, but found his thoughts drifting back to Velenia, and as they turned up the main street, he hastily waved farewell to his friends and met her once again on the balcony.

They shared some of her sweet Elven root, an occasional indulgence of hers, and resumed their conversation as if the previous hour or so had never happened. As the night wore on Arthus once again caught the scent of incense and violet. At one point he could swear he saw Lilith moving through the crowd inside, and the pin of his tie-tack pinched at him through his pocket. His heart froze, and it was at that moment that he knew he had to take matters into his own hands. He took Velenia’s hand in his, and guided her upstairs.

Velenia, of course, had a fine room, and they made themselves comfortable on a small sofa, still holding hands. Arthus choked on his words a few times trying to find the courage to tell Velenia what had happened only a few short nights ago. He knew this moment would come, but leave it to his luck to find Velenia waiting for him at his next port of call! In the end Arthus did what he has always done best… he leapt, then he looked.

He explained how Lilith had “contacted” him one night while they sailed for the Chain, how he had noticed her during the battle in port on the mainland though no one else seemed to, and that she was some sort of powerful entity with dominion over death and the events of the world. On its face the story seemed innocent enough… extraordinary and even outlandish, but they had both been privy to the extraordinary, Velenia in fact far more so than Arthus.

The undertones of these events told a somewhat different story, one that quickened Velenia’s pulse and saw her face flush with anger. She sat wondering what this “Lilith” wanted with him and where her anger should be directed. Since she was nowhere to be seen, the answer was obvious.


Arthus staggered back into a chair and rubbed his cheek. He apologized profusely, though he didn’t think he should be condemned for something that was clearly not initiated by him. They argued for a bit, with Arthus staying quiet and “taking his medicine” until Velenia had vented enough to be reasoned with. As she calmed down, Arthus explained that he was merely the focus of this being’s curiosity, and that his heart, as always, belonged to the Elf-maiden. They talked into the wee hours of the morning (as best as they could tell) and Arthus hoped that they had put the whole thing behind them.

As they got ready for bed, Arthus, with his back to Velenia, quipped “So, you do get jealous!”

It was rare that Arthus didn’t see a blow coming, but Velenia’s delicate hand was quickly balled in a fist that caught him square in the eye as he looked over his shoulder smirking.

Arthus knew he would be spending the night on the couch, this just confirmed it.

Scene 3 - A Tiefling, a Dragonborn, and an Eladrin

The three sit at the bar and Alec is the obviously the point of interest. Alasar shakes out his scales in disgust and intimidates the bar. Fizbin says that he will stop using the weaves and a lot of mages here are using the weave. Alec tells Fizbin that he’s seen Sirilus. On the deck of the ship when he used the “Dark Weave” his visage became that of Sirilus. Alec saw it and now tells Fizbin what he saw. He’s scared for Fizbin. Fizbin explains what happened to him. He tells that that he is a canoptic jar. Sirilus put one of his soul fragments into him. They need to destroy the phylacteries or the kill Fizbin or Fizbin can absorb the other two phylacteries. Fizbin has a plan for them to use him to spy on Sirilius bit his safety is at risk. He explains he needs to be strong to overcome being controlled. Alasar tells him to fight against it. The seal is fading in 9 months. Arthus shows up with Valenia. And introduces her and at this point he smells incense and violet.

Scene 4 - Snakes in the Grass

William the scene of the church he wins the competition against peter. William warns everyone about nyads and sees one of the people shift and run. One of them was a Nyad. He got away. William is troubled by his brothers and their faith and how it almost cost him the instrumentality. William gives peter the blood of the Nyad.


Chapter 18 - Past and Future

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