Chapter 18 - Past and Future

Scene 1 - Young Boys, Stones, and Sticks

The group minus Alasar stumbles into dragon born land and meet 2 teen dragonborn; who pick a fight with the four friends. The group defends themselves but is outmatched. When Arthus throws a rock at one of the dragonborn; the fight turns deadly as a knife is pulled and the other readies his fire. At this point; Alasar steps in; as Alec bites down on the leg of one of them and the 4 refuses to back down, he states that this group has more honor than you do. Lars, the eldest of the two attacking dragon born is a the son of a council man and the obvious rival of Alasar. The council defers to the General but Lars and his father don’t agree on this. They want power and Lars says to Alasay “You can’t hide behind your father forever.” Alsar chanlleges him to combat and says “not yet.”. The five leave together and Alec tells Arthus he doesn’t care that he’s a dragonborn and Alasar says he doesn’t care that Alec is a Teifling.

Scene 2 - The Bar Scene at The Chain

The Aft is an under dark bar where the men ask about Sebastian and get the feeling that evil things live here and to be vigilant. The Bow is a much busier place - the place of business, drink, music, and inquisitive eyes. But this will have to wait - the party needs a boat to Yakuda - and the only place to start is Sebastian.

Affter asking some questions, they get directions to the mangroves and set off.

Scene 3 - Two Seers

There they meet a blind boat man who mocks quite a few of the men: He asks Arthus about his fancy ring in from of everyone, teasing him about secrets. Joking with Fizbin about keeping his coins for the ferryman. Making fun of Alec for his breed and Alasar for his shiny scales “He seems to be more in the know.”

They meet at Sebastian’s hut; he makes arrangements for them to meet Kal to ferry them to the Yacuka in exchange for letting him read their tea leaves individually.

Arthus – The reader tells Arthus that he has women trouble and there are two on both sides “One in the light and one in the night” He explains to Arthus why he’s special in the weave. He is a normal man but not threaded, his fate is truly his own. He should put on of the ladies down. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back.

Fizbin- You’ve been messing with the weaves one (your spider in your weave and a fly in his). You think your friends need you but it’s really the other way around. Where are the other two phylacteries: ones in fire and ones in ice?

Alasar – You’re new. Look at you, you can fight anything that’s coming straight on but now you need to stop fighting like a dragon and start fighting like a snake (Lars is in the Snake Clan) aware of it surrounding. He lets Alasar touch a scale and see Auxora and they speak and Alasar is able to redirect him to him. Years have gone by and the dragon is growing. He also tells Alasar that Lars is the new head council man and he should be concerned for his father. Lars also funds the ships that partake in the slave trade. Alasar offer a token of friendship. Finally he explains the prince is on Yacuda and there is one full blooded there and he will have to take the tribe from him to get the prince. Yactda is not “here”.

William – There is balance in the world and we need to set the scales right. William is upset that for all the good they do they kill everything around them and the Read explains “The reason why there has been bad things happening when they are trying to do right is the scales must tip” William is upset about the library but now it is secure. He was upset about the overlord but now the new overlord he has enemies.

The Reader; also tells him Thorn is here and Thorn killed Williams father. Thorn is now a death knight for Jennesta. William asks about the bell and the reader says it cam be fixed by a GOOD smith, He smiles and tells William hes should try it, it’s in his blood. Also, Jennesta has a collection of things that work for her BUT the might not like her. Also Sirilus might of just become evil to stop her and might not be the worst.

Alec – goes in and comes out far more relaxed.


The group returns to the dock and goes to the aft: Alasar asks for the location of the slavers and is turned down. He asks the bar keep who says no and he is challenged to a test of strength which he barely wins and he is able to find the name of the slavers Cain near the volcano. The half orc wins and is gracious but is a slave. Alasar tells him that he doesn’t belong here he replies “I have no choice”. He is wearing a slave collar.

William – THE BOW stumbles into the perlorian knights and shows them the instrumenalities. They are awed by the instrumentality. The elder peter and the youngest and best scott are humbled by it others are tested and fail. 6 in total.

Arthus – sees the blond valenia and 4 others (2 keepers & 2 seekers)

Alec thinks that he needs to mend with Fizbin.


Chapter 17 - Something Fishy

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