Chapter 17 - Something Fishy

Scene 1 - Dreams of The Dead

Arthus’ the dream of lilith. He awakes within a dream; he is well dressed and has a vest with silk ascot. After he takes stock of himself, he realizes that he is in room that has similar architecture to a dark gothic cathedral without the religious bend.

He smells her, incense and violet. She speaks “I don’t know you Arthus.” He replies “I don’t know you either Lilith”, she smiles. They face each other and there is an immediate mutual attraction. “I could see you at the docks, was I meant to see you?” She mouths “No”. The room fades they are somewhere in the distance in a stone court yard under a massive weeping tree. He realizes he has an elaborate ring on his figure and he realizes. “This isn’t my dream, this is your dream.” She seems pleased that he realized this. “I’ve been asleep for a long time but something happened and now I’m here to continue my work.” Arthus replies “You mean with the instrumentality, so somebody used it”. Lilith take a deep breath… “I suppose”. Arthus responds “She used it.” The world shifts to an ocean view at dusk on a stormy night. “What work were you meant to do?” “Ferry those across and mark the doings of the world in every detail.” Arthus asks “What use do you have for me?” “I don’t know.” She smiles. “So you want me to get the instrumentality?” “No, that would be nice, but just come and see me from time to time”. “I will”. He awakes and has the pin from the ascot in his hand.

Scene 2 - Calamari And the Seven Seas

The men are gossiping on the deck about strange tales of things on summerset isle. There have been more missing ships in the last few days the sailors are spooked. Old sailor tells the tale of his last ship where they killed a harpy and as proof he has a black feather. The group is relatively unimpressed and the sailor ask them if they know anything. Fizbin explains that an event occurred that brought the magic back in the world. This is somewhat lost on the sailor. He pulls out an astrology chart and shows that the 5 constellations line up. The sailor has advanced knowledge of astrology and sees the signs.

Suddenly tentacles erupt from the sides of the boat as the Kraken attacks, Fizbin taps into the death weave. While causing him pain he does massive damage to the creature. Alasar, William, Alec & Arthus also deal substantial damage to the beast. Killing it quickly and saving the ship and the crew.

Scene 3 - Alec's Story

Alasar and Alec have a private moment where Alec explains his time in the Mithil. Alec was a leader of men., training other Teifling to fight as guerilla warriors. Then he was captured and someone (Sirilus) came to him and took him into a dark room where a mind flayer looked into his mind and tried to learn about the 5. He resisted for 3 days and on the fourth he killed himself knowing that he could not resist anymore. However, this man was called Sirilus. He looked eerily like Fizbin and he had made a bargain with the demon queen. She would help him against her half sister, Jennesta, but when the time came she would have a place in this world and she would become a god.

Today when Fizbin, touched the dark weave his eyes matched Sirius. Alec feels that Sirilus knows what Fizbin knows and vice versa, he has purposely avoiding been avoiding Fizbin. Because he feared letting Sirilus know what he knows or accidentally talking about his people. They talk about what it is to be a leader and how he is ready for the task. He also tells Alec he understands why he did what he did. He tells him “your flank is protected”

Fizbin and Arthus chat, Fizbin explains that the weave asked him to use it and that he saw through eyes of someone else and they were seeing through his eyes. It was definitely Sirilus, he knows where they are. Arthus means for him to try to control the power of Sirilus, perhaps the link is both ways. Perhaps you can use it against him. Fizbin explains that he can gain contol if he absorbs one more phylactery. He may become an equal with Sirilus. Arthus mentions using the death weave to find one of the phylacteries. Fizbin is a little shocked but thinks it’s a good idea. How did he do this? “Isn’t that magic?”

Scene 4 - The Chain

The group lands in Tortuga at the chain. There is a question from Fizbin as to where Arthus would find the information and he replies, I will sleep on it.


Chapter 16 - The Red Hand

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