Chapter 15 - Playing with Fire

Scene 1 - Question of Loyalty

The group is milling about preparing to leave for the chain and they have the same conversation that has been plaguing them. What to do with the instrumentalities? Alec votes to destroy it because to bring the great demon queen to this world would destroy everyone. William wants to bring back the gods because that will mean the empowerment of his God.

On an aside William and Alasar speak and the overall conversation is Alasar asking “Where will your loyalty lay: your duty or you friends?” Williams responds: “I will know the answer when it happens.”

Aldiard & Alasar have heart to heart about the difficulty in leadership. And that the preservation of the many will need to trump the wants of few including Alsar’s own feelings.

Gran asks William if he wants to give the Instrumentality to them for safe keeping. They will have the king with them and they will soon be joined by an army. He says no and feels the instrumentality asking him to keep him.

Scene 2 - To Play with Power

While camping Fizbin begins reaching into the new weave. He plays with the Solar (pelorian) weave and feels the untapped power. As he does so William becomes furious and draws his sword, Fizbin says other people are doing this too and he needs to learn about the weave to protect his friends and achieve the mission. (Due to a sense motive roll) William is 100% aware that his friend is lying and become more hurt than angry. Fizbin dispels the effect and William can feel the pain of his God.
The group goes to sleep upset and hurt.

Scene 3 - Friends or Foes?

Starting to get tired of constantly being judged, Fizbin calls out Arthus for his constant questioning of his tactics and his uncharacteristic knowledge of the arcane. This argument degenerates in Fizbin saying “Who are you to judge me? You’re a Tomb Raider, a thief and in the end you’ll do what you want and justify it later”. At this point the conversation breaks down to Fizbin saying “Why do always seem to know so much about magic and weave and EVERYTHING. Where did you learn? With whom did you study? You with your secrets, you SHOULD be learning from ME.” Arthus responds calmly “So you I should learn from you? Me, just a human. Me, just a person with meager beginnings and nothing special. Just a farm boy, your saying I could never know as much as you?” Fizbin explodes “YES! You do what you do, be a thief, I know what I’m doing.” Arthus simply smiles and breaks away from him. The group is fracturing.

Cut Scene

Back at the imperial city, Gerald is working on tearing down the 4 stone dragons around the tower. One is destroyed and he is working on the second.


Chapter 14 - For King and Country

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