Chapter 14 - For King and Country

Scene 1 - Campfire with the Kingsmen

Everyone talks about the last few days and the group fills in the Kingsmen about the fact that the Nyads have been replacing people for years. Arthus gives them the dagger (found in Session 11) and notes on some of the people replaced. This is a BIG deal. In my original notes, the city was going to be a staging point with a high number of its population replaced. The players act of giving up a powerful artifact to help the kingsmen, has changed the game world. In a cut scene they will see the den’s of Nyads razed. Due to Dan’s act the imperial city will survive the final attack. Arthus begins to explain some of the runes, on the Dagger. (Fizbin watches this and is surprised to see how knowledgeable Arthus is). The Kingsmen also explain that Jennesta has 4 Astral Stalkers at her disposal. The one the group met is the “baby” of the bunch.

Scene 2 - Student and the Master

Fizbin leaves to sit in a tent with his master Varlin and is almost brought to tears by it. They speak briefly telepathically while his body mends; Fizbin explains that he has been confused as to who is friend and foe.

Varlin explains that when he took Fizbin as his student; he magically ensorcelled him and put a seal upon his chest around a scar he was BORN with. The seal stopped eyes from scrying on him and kept his magical ability, his “soulself” from mingling with whoever had marked him. Once he discovered that Sirilus had marked him, he took the boy from his parents in an effort to protect him (and put him down if needed). He understood that Fizbin is an apothecary, a living vessel that contained a portion of Sirilus’s power. Sirilus split himself in three: Mind, Body and spirit. Fizbin held a portion of his mind; this is also what may have caused his thirst for knowledge (and his possible intelligence) as well as his reckless pursuit of it.

Sirilus currently exists as a being of pure energy, he is wrapped by a body of his making. He is VERY powerful.

Scene 3 - Return of the Legend

Alasar takes a momment to talk with Aldiard and he learns that Aldiard served with both his father and Bartlebee. They discuss respect and duty and then Alasar gets ready for first watch.

He takes off his armor to clean it before he begins his duty and for the first time in days looks at himself. His body is changing, his scales are thicker and have a cobalt blue at their base (matching Aluxor), and beneath his armor there are burn marks from the heat from his chest. He also realizes he has small spine growing down his spine. He suddenly hears his mothers voice “Climb” she says.

He sees a jagged rock face that must be 30 feet high and comes to a steep point like a claw sticking from the earth. He climbs to it’s tip effortlessly. And once he’s there he sees the clouds above him illuminate from lightening in the illumination he sees the silhouette of hundreds may thousands of great dragons. And his mother speaks:

“I am so very proud of you my son. You have done what others have not. You have found them and have become whole. Our race is a proud and strong one but incomplete. Before time was measured, our kin, the great wyrms existed beyond the East Wind. When we were born an alliance was struck, we would join with them and they would lend us their strength and we would give them our unending loyalty. We would become full blooded in the circle of Bahamut. You are the first of our kin in this world to undergo the change. You are the first full blooded and you will be a leader of your kin. As a full blooded general all the clans will be yours. You will be like the warrior kin of old.”

The rain kicks up and lightening strikes the stone beneath him, shattering it. Alasar’s mother, The Seer, tells him that the dragons aren’t really here anymore and the ones that are to old to bond. He looks at the tent where the Draconian King lies and sees massive shadow extending from him. This is his true from he is an ancient. He is terrible and powerful, but a true follower of Bahamut and just as no man can be. At this point the roars of dragonborn can be heard for miles and then sudden Alasar bellows and fire and sound pour out of him, all others of his kind fall silent. The rain falling turns to stream all around him.

The storm kicks up into a wild frenzy as Alasar jumps from the tip of the peak and it shatters. He falls to the earth softer than one would guess and holds his halberd high as the last bolt of lightening hits it and arcs all around him.

Alasar says aloud “I will fulfill my duty. Victory is assured; Aurax is coming”

His mother’s voice trails off….. “It is done…”

The group simply falls silent.

Scene 4 - Separate Ways

The group says there goodbyes and move their liege and Varlin into the spire. The kingsmen follow suit and Gran does a ritual to make the tower less noticeable. The magic is subtle; it’s there but simply hard to see (Think post hypnotic suggestion). Gran gives Arthus a refill for his sending stone and an additional one to Fizbin so he can contact them is needed.

Fizbin also gives the kingsmen a vial of the Astral Stalkers blood. Gran smiles and begin using it as a ward for the building. (NOTE: Due to this the Astral Staker cannot get with 100 feet of this building with out checks and a minus) The group is going to head to Yacuda for the 2nd instrumentality.


Chapter 13 - Otherwordly Matters

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