Chapter 13 - Otherwordly Matters

Cut Scene

The Astral Stalker (The thing that has been seen chasing the group since session 7) appears in the chamber of the “Overlord” (Although the overlord has been replaced with a Nyad). He immediately kills one Nyad (The one injured in the battle from session 9) with no hesitation and little effort. The other is given a warning about failure. The Stalker goes after the instrumentality.

Scene 1 - The Morning After

The morning after the Ayelids have been restarted the magic of the world is different. It consists of additional weaves and is hard to focus upon. The group has some revelations;

Alec – Demons are free of the Mithal, Last night a Demon Queen was calling to all the teiflings in the world. He was fighting until he heard a soothing sound from the Instrumentality that William is carrying. It helped him coup with the pull.

William – feels new warmth through him. The sun seems different now warmer more vibrant. One of the weaves is “Solar”, it is pelorian in nature.

Arthus – His ring is explaining to him that the Ayelids are alive and each one has been the spot of a historical significant event. It also informs him that the Dagger he found is the “Dagger of Pact”. It has a chance to “revealing” a nyad when in their presence.

Fizbin – Feels the 4 weaves: Goetic, Death, Evil & Solar.

Alasar – Feel stronger and strangely effected. He assumes it is the “new” sun.

The group has a quick campfire scene where Alec calls out Fizbin for saying that he longs to be “Master” (Session 10). Fizbin denies it saying he meant to be a Master Sorcerer like Varlin. This is obviously NOT what he meant. However Fizbin was upset and stormed off at being questioned.

After he leaves the Astral Stalker attacks and it become apparent that he is a bit too much for them now (Although Alasar does a whopping 138 points of damage in 6 rounds), out of nowhere there is a horn that sounds and the creature looks enraged but is forced to pull himself out of the combat. Alasar roars in anger at him “fleeing”. Fizbin returns and sees the group battered and in full combat stance. They take off to the Spire.

Scene 2 - Questions by the campfire

The group talks about the last few months and they have a few questions. Who/What is the Dragon King? What do we do with the Instrumentalities? Do we let the Gods back into the world? Do we keep them out? Do we restore them outside of the Mithal and close of this world forever? Do we try to take the essence of our Gods and ascend? What are the Dragonborne really? Are they half dragons or something else?

William questions Arthus about how he knew that the creature that attacked them was an Astral Stalker. Arthus tells a tale about people who went to Aragonia and emerged changed and different. It is becoming apparent that Arthus, has more of a past than he has let on.

Scene 3 - The Adamanium Spire

The group travels to the spire and sees two kingsmen – Gran & Aldiard. They explain they knew they were coming (By Bartlebee used a sending) and Varlin has closed off himself and the Draconian King inside the spire so the nightshade infection couldn’t spread. They also explain Varlin is dead.

Using the “Morning Light” oil, Alasar and William go to the King. Alasar realizes that the king is “at least” part dragon. They both cut him free of the roots growing from his body and through the spire and anoint him with the oil. The roots begin to die and Alasar pulls him out of the spire.

At this point William knees in front of the dead body of Varlin and says a silent prayer. There is a sudden “whoosh” and a flood of light. The ghostly image of Varlin pulling himself into his own body is seen by William. At that point the instrumentality reacts and fully resurrects Varlin while draining William of all but 1 HP. (It is revealed that the Instrumentality of Pelor, can resurrect once every lunar cycle, NOTE: I have stated in the past I don’t want resurrection to become common place, this is an AMAZING ability.)

As Alasar carries the Draconian King, he suddenly lurches forward and grabs Alasar by the shoulders looking at him eye to eye. His eyes turn draconic and he says in the dragonborn tounge “Find my son… Yacuda”. (No one knew the dragon born had a son!)

With the king healing, Varlin brought back to life, The nightshade destroyed, The tower cleaned and the group decked out with special abilities and powers. The two kingsmen just stop and look at the boys: “Who the hell are you?”

Cut Scene

The astral stalker is being punished by Jennesta for moving in on the group. He was to wait until they have 3 of the instrumentalities. The Stalker’s anger is palatable. He is seething at both Jennesta and the group.


Chapter 12 - The Night of No Magic

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