Chapter 12 - The Night of No Magic

Cut Scene

Back on Oerth, a old man is his barn teaching his young son how to make smith a blade. As he begins the lesson the man is obvious content in his life. However, as he strikes the hot steal sparks fly as bright as the sun as his eyes go blank and his son stars at him slack jawed. At the same time William is 25 miles away challenging Thorne as Williams words become filled with more fervor, the light over whelms the room and man says “I know who, I am. I am” and then as the part drifts off of Oerth. The man forgets and continues his work and his son asks him what he remembered and he pats him on the head and says.. “Nothing William nothing.”

Scene 1 - Magic & The Line

Arthus uses a sending to communicate back to Bartalbee, they explain that they have one of the instrumentalities, the cure for the king and destroyed the camp where the blackguard are trained. Bartalbee, is shocked and proud. He tells them to get to the admantium spire in the country. The king is begin brought there by Varlin, who is dying from the strain of keeping the nightshade at bay. Also, something is happening at the line. Monsters from all over and never scene before are attacking. The line is holding but barely. Also the Adjudicators are killing blackguard on a massive level with guerilla tactics. They end the sending. At this point, there is a disturbance in the weave.

All of the Ayelids around the world suddenly activate. They are aligned on the magical lay lines across the planet. Suddenly all of the magic is gone. None of it exists anymore. Alasar feels his fire in chest die down, Fizbin is basically incapacitated, Alec is exhausted, William feels empty and Arthus… feels fine. Fizbin can see a battle from magic going on with 75% of it being pulled towards Aragonia and 25% of it going towards the admantium spire (HighRock).

This means the following: (No Magic)
1 – The mithal is failing demons are pouring into the world
2 – The seals on Fizbin are failing his memories are flooding back to him
3 – Can Varlin, maintain the hold on nightshade?

Arthus uses this time to explore Cliffkeep below. While the others try to gain their strength.

Scene 2 - A shadow in the night

Arthus sneaks back into the keep they just escaped from and using the Nayad’s map (from session 9) finds 4 locations intresting:

1 – Trophy room – There is all sorts of things in this room: A treaty between the King and the overlord, A dagger of Nyad make encased in glass, a painting of Jennesta and Armor that looks much like Thornes. Arthus takes the dagger.

2 – Wizards Lab – Two wizards are in there talking about the recent changes and their dislike for the whole “son of pelor” thing. They wish they could get a look at the “stone” (Instrumentality) but they are scared because of how the overlord watches over it. There are 3 rings of summoning and 3 of movement in the room. They also explain that the phenomena with the magic was foretold to them and would end at sunrise.

3 – Red X in the walls – This apparently was the “nest” for at least one nyad living here. Hidden and away, there are drawings and notes on all of the guards and special notes on the overlord. It becomes obvious these papers are help assume the identity of these people. There is also a gun that belonged to one of the adjudicators. There is a dossier on many people there, perhaps these are some of the people who are currently being “replaced”? Arthus takes the Gun and Papers.

4 – The Overlords Study – Arthus listens to the door and clear hear the overlords voice (even though he knows’ they killed him) and a another more serpentine voice. The two discuss the plan and understand that Jennesta will kill the one that returns with news of failure and they accept that willingly. The other will stay behind and pose as the Overlord thus adding an additional army to the cause.

Arthus returns to the group.

Scene 3 - Dreams and Prophecy

Arthus returns and explains all that he saw. The other 4 friends are in bad shape. Fizbin is studying and looks truly lost. William is praying trying to reach out to anything. Alasar is in a waking hibernation; breathing shallow and slowly. Alec is on the floor sweating heavily trying to keep it together. He is speaking the abyssal tongue. It has become obvious he is fighting someone. Arthus take time to comfort and check on him.

That night they all dream. Alasar hears the dragon looking for him on wings that match his colors. Fizbin dreams of his youth. William feels for a momment Pelor wakeup. Arthus dreams of justice and truth. Alec dreams of the queen.

The next day Alec confirms the Mithil was down it’s not anymore. A demon queen was calling all of the darkblooded to her. Her power was amplified by the instrumentality. Fizbin also feels something new. There are now 4 weaves: “Nature, Death, Solar and Evil” Jennesta has 2 instrumentalities and is actively using them.

Cut Scene

Jennesta is exhausted she slumps in her throne and look upon a giant summoning circle. Lying there is Orcus her 1st general. His breathing is shallow they both were diminished in the summoning. But she has her first horseman.


Chapter 11 - The Broken Light of Oerth

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