Chapter 11 - The Broken Light of Oerth

Scene 1 - Soul Tripping

The roar of battle fades as the Overlord gasps his final breath, desperately clinging to the instrumentality, hoping perhaps it will breathe new life into his broken body. The clamor of reinforcements gives way to sensory overload and each of the characters is questioned in the void. The answers pour forth from their souls more than their mouths:

  • Who were you?
    • Alisaar: Untested
    • Arthus: Afraid
    • Fizbin: Lost
    • William: Orphan
    • Alec: Monster
  • Who are you?
    • Alisaar: Destined to lead
    • Arthus: Comfortable
    • Fizbin: Wizard
    • William: Servant
    • Alec: Broken
  • Who will you become?
    • Alisaar: Alisaar
    • Arthus: Keeper of Secrets
    • Fizbin: Master
    • William: Whatever is asked of me
    • Alec: Whole

Scene 2 - New Lands

As each of them searches for reality, the world bleeds into focus with the party standing on a hill in tall grass (the same grass grew around Whitehaven.) Each of the party members arrives with a deeper sense of self and a greater knowledge of their friends’ hearts.

The sun is large and closer than on Tamirel. William knows this place from his experiences in the library. He immediately starts toward the sound of voices carrying from beyond the hilltop. He crests the hill and spies a large city… Greyhawk?

Alisaar keeps on William’s right flank. Distracted and energized by the fierce sunlight, he ignores his impulses and will not let his friend advance without a second.

The walls and surrounding fields show signs of battle complete with the corpses of their half-demon enemies.

The party is confronted by the guards, led by several paladins of Pelor. They would have cut Alec down without ceremony if not for William’s intercession. Even so, Fizbin and Arthus elect to stay with him outside the city and make camp to avoid any further unpleasantness. So, Alec, Arthus, and Fizbin spend their time sequestered in their tent outside the city walls. The derisive comments cast at them from the soldiers and knights assembled outside are too much to allow, and Arthus finds his better judgment tested.

Scene 3 - Behind the Curtain

Alisaar and some of the men trade looks, measuring each other, and a silent respect is earned. He is led to the Hatchery when they learn of his bloodline where he finds himself face to face with a genuine dragon egg. The sight creates mixed emotions for the Dragonborn, and while he is happy to find proof of a pureblood, he can only speculate as to why it is unhatched. In truth, he must admit it looks well cared for, and in fact revered, by the knights.

The young paladin escort eagerly shows an armory filled with relics including a saddle for a dragon-rider and wing blades. Some of these instruments are clearly meant to demean the creature. Alasar is told the rumor that the “Faith of the men is not enough, Pelor has forgotten he is a god…”. It is here that Alisaar is contacted telepathically by the unhatchled dragon. It has been waiting dormant for a Son of Bahamut to free it.

Alisaar can not contain himself and wastes no time returning to the chamber, dismisses his young paladin, and bellows forth an inferno which awakens the hatchling’s spirit. The paladin brings a huge steel collar and chains and explains that the dragon is meant for Thorne. Alisaar dispatches the knight and leads Aurax outside where he launches himself skyward.

Thorne is outraged and frantically orders his men to capture the dragon so that he may attain his prize.

Scene 4 - Broken Faith

Meanwhile, William has noticed that the people, especially the poor and weak, lived in fear of their “protectors.” It was a stark difference from the treatment he had become accustomed to. He questioned how this could be and could not help but wonder what could make them build Pelor’s church more on fear than faith.

Arriving at the now familiar cathedral in the center of Grayhawk, William is ushered in by Father Gladron. Inside and away from Thorne's eyes and ears, William questions the bishop on the current state of Pelorian faith, abhorred and disgusted by the behavior of the knights. The bishop explains to William that Pelor has been absent for millenia and the men have grown weak in their faith but full of pride and arrogance. Realizing that William is a real paladin, the bishop gives William the Solar's Hammer to take with him.

When William leaves the cathedral Thorne is livid when he notices that the bishop gave the hammer to William. They walk back towards the gates when they encounter Aalisar.

"Have you accomplished all that you wanted?" asks William of Aalisar.
"Have you?" asks Aalisar in return.

At that William realizes the purpose of his 'visit' here. He confronts Thorne about his hubris as well as the place and purpose of Pelor’s most holy knights. Thorne becomes enraged, declaring he will be the new god of their world and strikes out furiously at William. Thorne’s blade shatters against the aura of Pelor surrounding his chosen son. (Around William: a visage of an old man, with striking features and high muscularity emanates, it is clearly Pelor)

Thorne suffers grievous wounds from Pelor’s rebuke, and even William’s hand can not heal them.

William and Alisaar exit the city amid the chaos, both having lost their stomach for the place. After a brief reunion the party fades from Greyhawk, leaving the chaos of burning buildings and calls to arms, Thorne’s curses lingering in the air.

Scene 5 - Home (Again)

The party sits atop a rocky outcropping looking down on the fortress of Cliffkeep. They share a pumpkin together for the first time in over three years, and for a brief moment the turmoil of the past few months is forgotten. They share of William’s pumpkin and for a moment feels at ease.

Alisaar accepts William’s offer and once again feels Aurax’s presence. The cobalt-blue and gold dragon says only “I am coming” and Alisaar responds “I am waiting.” It is obvious that the dragonborn is proud of his accomplishments in Greyhawk.


Chapter 10 - The Overlord

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