Chapter 10 - The Overlord

Scene 1 - Castle's Halls

The Group of friends follows the map found on the Nyads and quickly makes way towards the hall where 5 'knights of pelor' are about to be inducted into the order by The Overlord. Unbeknownst to them, there's a deadly silence in the hallways outside, as Arthus' blade makes quick business out of the guards. Upon reaching the anteroom, Fizbin's quick spells kills indiscrimenantly the anteroom guests, while the ceremony takes place inside the Coronation Room.

Scene 2 - First Instrumentality

William bursts through the door into the coronation room and challenges the Overlord for the Instrumentality. Despite Overlord's formidable skill, and those of his knights, William's resolve and his friends support are unmatched. The battle is over quickly, and the Overlord is defeated. One of his knights escapes, later to be revealed as a Nyad that takes his place.

William retrieves the Instrumentality out of the green ickor that poisoned and restrained its power. Hearing the footsteps of soldiers outside, his mind is drawn towards the blessed artifact, and his hand touches the surface. Everything goes white.


Chapter 09 - Cliffkeep

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Chapter 11 - The Broken Light of Oerth


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