Chapter 02 - Calm Before the Storm

Scene 1 - Calm before the storm

The scene opens up with Chaos all around the group. (I shift to a description of them playing around the obelisk and hiding behind the general store, as these image fade they see the shattered stone and the store roof aflame). In the background they hear the sobs of people, the husband of their old school marm, is holding her broken body and a boy weeps over his fallen brother. The peace and seemingly unending tranquility of White Haven is shattered.

The town elders - the General, Stefan, and Varlin - continue talking in a foreign language and our band gathers nearby and remarks that their teachers treat them as if they haven't grown up and they aren't respected for what they are. They also smell adventure and immediately think that perhaps they can save the town. This renews their sense of purpose and confidence.

They see the General, Stefan, Varlin and Bartalbee, approach the Copper Kettle and trade warriors handshakes and go inside the room. Fizbin and Arthus, sneak into the basement from the outside and listen into the conversation:

Fizbin casts comprehend languages and Arthus can actually speak Abysall (the language the elders are speaking). They overhear the following:

The four elders now confirm that Jennesta is alive and that she ALREADY has one of the instrumentalities, this attack would give her two. There are 5 in total. With all 5 you posess the power to CREATE worlds and with two you can create portals to other worlds. One of the instrumentalities is locked inside a mythal on the Summerset Isles, where the blood war rages. The general will be moving out to support The Line. Also, Hammerfell may be traitorous to the land.

(Fizbin can only hear part of the conservation when Varlin’s magic sets in and he can no longer hear the rest)

Scene 2 - Possible Destinies

After the attack on White Haven, William attends to the wounded at Stefan's chapel. Throughout the night he uses the skills he learned as a paladin to badage many of the familiar men and women he has known for years. Exhausted after a whole night of work, he retires for a moment to the peace of prayer. While William is praying at the church, he has a vision of a radiant woman in white. She tells him his god needs him and soon he will "return his god" to this world. She explains the gods are still locked in eternal combat for this realm but he can set it right. She is a watcher of all things large and small. She is the Bright Lady.

Meanwhile, Alisaar vists Surilla, his Mother, who after a few pleasantries attacks him. He easily defends himself and almost breaks her leg in the process (to a warrior people he's been bred to believe no mercy no quarter and to give in to his mother would be a great disrespect.) She smiles and tells him that he is special and at that she "throws the bones" (Her mothers and grandmothers teeth each with carved sigils on them) every time it is the same.

"Leader, Homebringer", she says.

As Alisaar stands in her tent, she seems to contemplate something for a moment. Slowly she turns towards the back of the tent and pulls out a large bee's wax candle, placing it on top of an empty table. She takes a deep breath and spews out fire in a controlled fashion, melting the wax. Inside the candle is a metal scroll.

"Step forward, Alisaar. This has been passed down from my mother to me, as she received it from her mother, for many generations. Our people have been waiting for you. The bones say this is yours."

She shows him a piece of rolled-up metal that his father has never seen. It depicts a symbol for his people he has never seen before and a sky with 3 suns in it. As he looks at it intently, trying to understand what his heart already knows, she simply whispers "Bring your people home."

Scene 3 - Farewell & Thank You

The group arrives together at the Copper Kettle and Bartlebee is in full magical plate. He is adorned with multiple enchantments and is obviously far more powerful then he's ever let on. They ask him a series of questions and he explains as best he can. Bartlebee and his friends fought Jennesta 25 years ago and thought she was dead. She does have one instrumentality and now with possibly one more, she needs to be stopped. He explains that Tamriel is a "world made of other worlds" and they don't know what will happen if Jennesta reassembles the instrumentalities. He also explains that he doesn't understand what could have broken the obelisk. They boys describe the thing and he remarks "Warforged". Also the only thing that could have shattered the stone was "Godsteel".

They thank Bartlebee for being honest with them when their fathers and masters choose to kept them in the dark.

"They are your fathers and masters, I am your friend". he simply replies.

He gives them a crystal with 6 charges of a "sending", and promptly leaves his beloved Copper Kettle on an unknown mission.

The band has a few directions they can go:

  • Pursue the warforged and his band of orcs that stole the Instrumentality.
  • To fight on the line against Jennesta's army.
  • Go to the Great Library of Solitude, and try to find out where the other pieces are and what is going on.
  • Go to Hammerfell and hopefully get help.
  • Go to the Imperial City, capital of Cyradil, and inform the Draconian King of what has transpired.

They decide to go to the Library of Solitude. However, since the fastest way is to go to the Imperial City first and use the one of the portals in the Tower of Gates to get there.

Alec "procures" them horses and they leave for one last stop. They go to Varlin's home and Fizbin "borrows' his teacher's Book of Rituals. Here we meet Pax, who has set off six summoning circles, allies he used to fend off the attacking orcs. Based on the description, two were from a reptile realm, two from a dark place (space wolves), and two were golems. William patches Pax's wounds while the rest wait outside, too afraid to follow Fizbin into a wizard's tower.

They then set off for adventure.

Cut scene

In a dark place far to the east, a beautiful woman with odd features walks into a stone room and climbs onto a captor chainted on top of a stone altar. She seduces him with spells and charms and when he finally succumbs to her will, she violently kills him. Two servant collect his blood which get pooled into a scrying pool. Looking through the swirling blood the dark lady watches five friends riding away from White Haven and towards the Imperial City, her face showing a crooked and ominous smile.


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