Chapter 01 - When We Were Young

Scene 1: When We Were Young

On the unknown world of Tamriel, in a kingdom of Cyrodiil, in the upper-north corner of the realm, lies a little-known town known to the locals as White Haven. It is a peaceful, serene place, built around an ancient obelisk, hidden from the world, and shrouded in mystery. Protected by tall mountains in the north and plush forests all around, its climate is surprisingly warm and inviting for the region.

It is there, in White Haven, where our story begins. It is a place where five friends grew up together from little snorts to grown adulescents, having lived in relative peace for most of their young life. Through many adventures, big and small, they have grown a strong bond of brotherhood against the 'evils of the world' - namely, their parents and guardians.

Living in such isolated place, most everyone knew each other, and the boys were known for their uncommon friendship, energy, and lust of life.

When adolescene came, these five friends decided to go their separate ways, to learn a trade, a skill, or craft, or simply seek adventure, and explore the world they’ve been isolated from all their youg life.

It is the last night of the Great Pumpkin Festival. They all make a pact to meet back in White Haven three years later, when their studies are done and training complete. They promise to meet back and share their experiences in the familiar hangout spot known as the Copper Kettle, a pleasant (and only) inn & tavern ran by a gruff proprietor Bartlebee. They promise to meet on the eve of the festival, so they can finally taste the fine pumpkin wine, hazelnut toffee, and finest of chestnuts. They will be grown ups by then. They will have earned their seat at the table. They will sit with their seniors as equals and citizens of the town.

That night the boys spent an evening talking of their hopes and dreams, describing the anticipation of growing up and learning ‘the world out there.’ It is clear to all who listen that these are good friends, joking and bantering loudly, often inviting the gruff-yet-familiarly-warm glances from the proprietor. Bartlebee, over the years, has become their uncle – an honorary figure that scolded them almost as often as he rewarded them with leftover fare and rumors of the town.
Upon saying last parting words, Alec bestows upon each of his friends a gift of a Rune of Ownership, a very valuable and expensive present. It is clear Alec sold all that he had (and some he had not), and boys all know the sacrifice it took, but it is what they have learned to expect of each other, and each, exchanging a warm embrace, a hug, and a firm handshake, leave slowly for the night, meeing their future with excitement and anticipation.

Each leaves one by one, passing by Bartlebee and exchanging warm words. Aalisar speaks of the way of the warrior, and Bartlebee show him his axe – the Warrior’s Axe. It is a relic of another time, covered in runes, and of unknown origin. They shake hands, and soon the door closes behind the last boy, not to see any again for three full years.

Alec, the troubled tiefling, found a path of the forest and learned the trade of a hunter and ranger. Alisaar, the noble dragonborn and son of the dragonborn General and recognized Surilla went off towards Kvatch to learn the soldier's trade. Arthus, the peacekeeper and troublemaker alike, went off to the Imperial City, Capital of Cyrodiil, in search of great adventure. Fizbin, a studious Elf, having shown arcane inclination early in his childhood, was taken under the wing of the town's wizard Varlin, studying the intricate art. And then there was William, an orphaned boy, who, having found his faith in the church of Pelor, and, at the behest of his assume father Stefan, joined the pelorian order and became a Paladin.

Three years later the boys find themselves heading back to the familar place, full of stories and gossip. Each has learned a lot in that time, and now they look forward to some peace, quiet, and a pleasant beer as upstanding citizens of their small town…

Scene 2 - Coming Home

3 Years Later…

The band joins together and they didn't miss a step. The strife of adulthood is washed away and the friends all reunite happily. They have all changed going from age 15/16 - 18/19. Each one has honed his skills and are now journeymen in their respective careers. Their core personality traits have remained but been refined. They each tell their tales and each have heard a special rumor, that they share around the familiar table of the Copper Kettle.

  • William - The water around the Summerset Isles has become extremely dangerous over the last decades and people have stopped communicating with them for exotic spices and flora. Sailors have spotted things flying overhead some beautiful and others terrifying
  • Fizbin - People say that some places that never were now simply are
  • Alisar - They ready for war in Argonia
  • Arthus - The Draconic King, ruler of Cyrodiil has not been seen for over 5 years
  • Alec - In the Abecean, there are two islands called "The Chain"… here be pirates

They also discuss how White Haven is on no maps and how odd the town seems now after seeing the rest of the world. The winds here are not so cold, there are species of plants (Pumpkin's which are used for their special ale) and animals that only exist here and more small differences. Very few have heard of this place, and the boys all realize that they found themselves uneasy speaking of home, as if compelled to protect it from some unknown force.

Suddenly, a commotion is heard outside, and the 5 burst out and see the town overrun by Orcs. In the melee they see a large figure move towards the Obelisk and shatter it. It then moves away at an incredible pace.

The group questions an old orc shaman left for dead on the battlefield. And she tells them the following:

"Jennesta has the Instrumentality"
"She uses it to send you home"
"She will remake the world in her image"

The orc then expires, leaving the boys puzzled and dishartened.

In the chaos after the battle, they see all sorts of strange things. Their mentors and fathers (The General & Varlin) meet around the shattered obelisk and begin talking to each other in a strange language. These men have never seemed cordial or acted like anything more than simple neighbors but now they all move together like warrior brothers.

Scene 3 - Growing Pains

Fizbin, being a young, brash, and often arrogant boy, looses his temper and demands an explanation and informs them if they are so smart why didn't they question the dying orc. The General throws him to the ground and begins questioning him fiercely. Alisaar helps his friend up and then asks his father if they should go after the stolen item. The General has to assume that it is lost and they need to protect the borders and begin a full war on Aragonia, Jennesta’s home. Alisaar disagrees and says they should go after it and his father remarks "Soliders follow orders boy. Do as you’re told". He then bellows a roar and troops miles away begin the march.

Inside the shattered remains of the obelisk there is an impression of what was originally hidden there, it is a half circle and irradiates great magical energy so much it smolders in the cold.

At that point the winds change and get bitter. The smell of the pumpkin patches rotting on the winds… The town is changing.

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Chapter 02 - Calm Before the Storm


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