Born Warriors and Captains of Mercenary Armies

Physical Description

Usually around 7" they are broadly built with powerful frames. Their skin varies from a dark green to a near black, the lower tusks jut about three inches from their bottom lip framing their face in gleaming ivory.


Gruff and kurt, Orcs are trained to hunt, fight & kill at a young age. Although the generally frown upon the idea of killing a lesser foe or child (There is no sport in it), if the mission requires abhorent acts then they simply must be done. Also, They tend not to overthing things like morality.


Most of the Orcs reside in the Tribe located at Morrowind. This tribe is run by a warrior Cheiftan who "sells" part of his forces to the higher bidder for 2-3 missions. The proceed go into growing the war tribe and accumlating arms & Armors. This begs the question, what happens when the war tribe is too large for Morrow wind?


The War God






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