Dragonborn are one of the largest humanoid races on Taramil, rivaled only by the black-orcs of Aragonia in their physical stature. They are a tribal warrior culture with strict traditions and many subtle (and not so subtle) idiosyncracies that make it extremely difficult for outsiders to interact.

Physical Description

A typical dragonborn male grows to between six feet and six and a half feet tall at maturity, with females being about a six to twelve inches shorter. They have a tough, scaly hide that is usually earthen tone with slight veins of color in most cases. The colors represent the different subraces of true dragons, both metallic and chromatic.

Dragonborn generally have similar appearances, like massive Kimodo Dragons, but there are small sub-groups that look like more lizard-like. Though it is never spoken of to outsiders, these groups are often looked down on for their smaller stature.




On Taramil the Dragonborn are a scattered race. Though they all belong to the Great Tribe, individual colonies are few and far between.


The Dragonborn here have long since lost the names of their gods. They worship strength, honor, service, and accomplishment.

Only recently have the names Bahamut and Tiamat resumed their places in the dragonborn culture. They are still largely unknown, but their lessons and doctrines still burn in the hearts of practically all dragonborn.


Dragonborn speak the dragonborn tongue and common.


Dragonborn react similarly to all races. There is a feeling of superiority when dealing with any other race, but they have come to respect certain outsiders for their admirable qualities.



Bonded Dragonborn




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