The Chromatic Dragon, Creator of Evil Dragonkind


Home Plane: Baator
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Evil Dragons, conquest, greed
Domains: Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Greed, Law, Trickery (Hatred, Scalykind, Tyranny)


In her natural form, Tiamat is a thick-bodied dragon with five heads and a wyvern’s tail. Each head is a different color: white, black, blue, green, and red. Her massive body is striped in those colors.


Tiamat concerns herself with spreading evil, defeating good, and propagating evil dragons. She enjoys razing the occasional village, city, or country, but only as a diversion from more subtle, world-spanning plots. She is the villain who lurks in the shadows. Her presence is felt but seldom seen.

Tiamat constantly seeks to extend the power and domain of evil dragons over the land, particularly when her subjects find themselves embroiled in territorial disputes with good dragons. Tiamat unfailingly demands reverence, homage, and tribute from her subjects.


All evil dragons pay homage to Tiamat; green and blue dragons acknowledge her sovereignty the most readily. Good dragons have a healthy respect for Tiamat, though they usually avoid mentioning her or even thinking about her.

Tiamat has many consorts, including great wyrm dragons of white, black, blue, green, and red varieties.



The Bright Lady

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