The Bright Lady

Lady Fate, Weave Mistress, Timeless Watcher


Home Plane: all
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Time, Fate
Domains: Time


The Bright Lady always appears in pure, glowing white gown adorned with blue and violet flowers. It is impossible to tell her race, but she appears off-human, possibly elven, possibly celestial, with shoulder-length white hair and silver complexion.


She is Fate Herself, above all mortals and even immortals, for even gods are powerless against her. Though she has no agenda of her own, she does maintain balance in the universe through subtle means.


The Bright Lady is and has always been. Nothing else is known about her. Her influence is as prevalent as her means are subtle. The few that have had the honor to interact with her didn't even know it, for she is often mistaken for a lesser being by her own design.


The Bright Lady

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