Sol (in the former Great Kingdom); the Shining One, the Sun Father, the Invincible Sun


Home Plane: Elysium
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Sun, Strength, Light, Healing.
Domains: Sun, Healing, Strength, Good



There are two basic tenants of the faith of Pelor: "Aid Those in Need" and "Vanquish Evil." The two tenants are meant to compliment each other, and a priest should never, for example, sacrifice compassion in his urge to see evil brought to heel.

"Aid Those in Need": Nurturers and protectors, the priesthood of Pelor is heavily involved in charity work and caring for the needy, the sick, the injured, the suffering, and the unfortunate. Priests of Pelor will the community by building orphanages, acting as midwives, providing education, officating at funerals and weddings, orany number of charitable works. They are also expected to lend their strength to the weak, and to aid in the defense of their flocks. They view kindness, mercy, and compassion as virtues which all must aspire to.

"Vanquish Evil": The priest is expected to be ever vigilant against the forces of evil, especially undead. Pelor considers undead to be abombinations, and his priests are expected to do their utmost to bring about the destruction of undead creatures. After destroying undead, priests of Pelor will often say the last rites over the remains in order to lay the creature's soul to rest.


Pelor is the sun god of the Flan people, and one of the most popular deities in the Flanaess. Pelor's worship was adopted by the Oeridian peoples in their migrations across the Flanaess, and he was considered to be the same as their sun god, Sol. In fact, one can see the influence of the cult of Sol in the heraldry of the former nations of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy (such as Nyrond, Almor, Ahlissa, North Kingdom, Ratik, Sunndi, and the Great Kingdom proper), many of whom still utilize the Oeridian sun disk in their national devices. Though most of these nations today have reverted to the use of the sun god's Flan name, Pelor is still referred to as Sol by many people in Ahlissa, the North Kingdom, Rel Astra, and the Sea Barons.

The most ancient depictions of Pelor in the Flanaess, found in ancient sites in Tenh, portray him as a bronze-skinned, lion-headed man, wearing little more than a loincloth. Later depictions, found throughout the Sheldomar valley, portray the sun god crossing the sky in a burning chariot of fire drawn by equally fiery horses. Pelor is sometimes portrayed alone in these images, while other times a charioteer guides the chariot while Pelor destroys evil with bolts of sunlight. The image of the sun god in his chariot was (and still is) quite popular in the Sheldomar valley, as well as Oeridian lands. This image is popular even among adherants of the Old Faith, which sees Pelor as an anthropomorphic manifestation of the Sun itself. In fact, eyewitness accounts of powerful druids summoning flaming chariots drawn by fiery horses are not uncommon, leading some sages to speculate the forms taken by divine magic are influenced by culture as much as by the Divine Powers themselves. Other depictions of Pelor portray him riding across the sky on the back of a mighty ki-rin, a creature whose name in the language of the Rover tribes translates as "Star Thought." In earlier times (other than his archaic lion-headed aspect) Pelor appeared as a dynamic, bare-chested man in the prime of life. However, the sun god of today is shown as an older man in white, with wild hair and a beard of shining gold. One thing that all depictions of Pelor have in common, however, are his eyes, golden orbs that glow like fire.

Some of the earliest creation myths of the Flanaess regard the Sun as one of the first gods to emerge from Darkness, along with his brother, Death, and their sister, the Oerth. Together, the Sun and the Oerth had many children, among them the Moons (Luna and Celene), Light, and the Sea. But Death grew jealous of his brother, and coveted the Oerth for himself. So Death bribed the Moons to hide him from his brother's glare while he fathered his own wicked children upon the Oerth. For this reason are Death and the life-giving Sun ever at war with one another.

A number of Pelor's servants have went on to acheive divinity or near-divinity. Best known are Mayaheine, demigoddess of protection, justice, and valor; Johydee, Oeridian hero-goddess of deception, espionage, and protection; and Saint Bane the Scourger, patron saint of those who hunt undead.




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