In the World of Greyhawk, Luz is the chaotic evil demigod of Deceit, Evil, Oppression, Pain, and Wickedness. Luz is variously called "The Old One" and "Old Wicked," among other titles.


Home Plane: Oerth
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Deceit, Pain, Oppression, Evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Mind, Suffering, Trickery, Tyranny


Luz was originally a strikingly handsome cambion. In the epic battle that resulted from Graz'zt striking out against Iggwilv in a bid for freedom, Luz's handsome form was split into two "halves." He can either appear in the form of a gnarled, old human male, or as a bloated, red-skinned demonic figure. In his demonic form, he is seven feet tall, with reddish skin, pointed ears, and long, steely fingers. In his human form, he is barely five feet in height, and can attack with a disgusting spittle that withers all that it touches.


The strong should exploit the weak, for such is their right. Deceit and guile are the proper tools of the enlightened ruler. Luz, who is the strongest and most deceitful of all, is the rightful and destined ruler of all of Oerth. The infliction of pain and suffering is a delight comparable with none other. No atrocity committed in the name of Luz is so sickening, no trick so cruel, that it does not meet with the Old One's approval.


Since the disappearance of Pelor from Greyhawk, Luz has grown in power and corrupted the protectors of the Flannesse.



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