The Ruby Sorceress, the Dark-Eyed Lady, the Witch Goddess, the Stern Lady, the Taker, the Lady of Book and Bone


Home Plane: Infernal Battlefield of Acheron
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Death, Magic, Vanity, Secrets
Domains: Death, Knowledge, Magic


Lilith always appears as a highly attractive human female; other than that, details of her appearance vary wildly. It has been suggested that she could appear as another humanoid race if she wanted to, and that her appearance varies by what her followers in the area would consider most attractive.


Lilith thinks of herself as a steward of the dead. Though she is a relatively benign death goddess, she has no problem with undead being created - as long as they are not reanimated against their will. Lilith is unconcerned with questions of morality; if it can be done, she will allow it. That is not to say she supports one action versus another - she is the eternal guardian, unmeddling, and unbiased.




Lady Fierna

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