Lady Fierna

Lady Fierna is the ruler of the Fourth Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. She is the daughter of arch-Duke Belial and his late consort Naome, and currently shares the rulership with her father. Her unholy symbol, like that of Belial, involves red, glowing eyes over a two-pronged ranseur, surrounded by a red tail with a wicked barb.


Home Plane: Nine Hells
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: The Pact, The Lost Way and 4th Circle


Fierna is described as a human-like, young, and incredibly beautiful she-devil sporting two small horns, a pointed tail and long red nails. She has a very sexual personality and wears very little clothing.


The belief of Lady Fierna is the power of the pact and the constant brokering of souls. She believes that all have a choice and it this choice that binds them to her. As such, she is beautiful, cunning and unyeilding. Her domain has grown considerably inspite of her losing abit of her essense. She has made many good deals…


Fierna was set up for rulership as a result of the Reckoning of Hell. Fierna, is obbsessed with pact she has made and ensuring they are tempt by her own idea of fairness. She was the orginal demon involved in the pact that created all teiflings and as such was able to ascend to a godhood as a Demon Lord. Gossip says that Belial and his daughter are having an incestuous relationship. This rumor grew stronger after Naome's death, even though Fierna has a consort of her own. The loyalties of Belial and Fierna's vassals tend to sway between the two according to the favors granted or to their own convictions about the ability of the Lords of Phlegethos.


Lady Fierna

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