Draconian King

The Draconian King, The King of the Dragons, The White King, The Eternal Guardian


Home Plane: none
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Honor, Good, Justice, Prosperity, Peace, Strength, Wisdom
Domains: none


The Draconian King appears as a strong, middle-aged human with thick gold hair, gold-hued skin and serpentine eyes. Though he wears royal garbs, he shies away from flashy ornaments or jewelry, preferring simpler, modest designs.




The origin of the Draconian King is unknown. Most people know him as the eternal ruler of Cyradil, residing in the Capital City. What the don't know is that he is actually a massive, ancient Golden dragon, who assumed the form of a human and has ruled as a just and kind ruler for thousands of years. His disappearance 5 years ago has been noticed by many, not knowing the true nature of his absence. During that time, his vizier Gerald assumed the throne.

Among the dragons, the Draconian King is rumored to be none other than Vanathor, one of Bahamut's Vassals.


Draconian King

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