Yokuda is a compilation of islands far to the west of mainland. Mythical in nature, its exact location changes from place to place, and only a handful of people know that it really exists - even fewer know where to find it. Most sailors laugh about going to 'Yokuda', for it is an old wive's tale.

But some aren't laughing. In the center of the ocean lies a set of giant stones vaguely shaped like a series of ribs and bones, said to have belonged to a dragon. Through them exists a link to another realm that exists neither in Tamriel nor elsewhere. Those brave enough and daring enough to venture beyond, however, find themselves in a realm with two suns, heavy, ionized air, and thick, plush greenery with giant palm trees, clear-as-day waters, and primitive lifeforms all around.

The Islands are inhabited by multiple clans of Dragonborn and tieflings, who have made this place home for millenia. They live by the rules of the old days, chasing giant birds, hunting thunderlizards, and living a simple life away from the wars of Tamriel.

Regions, Places, and other Locations


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