Though they generally avoid such limiting and useless labels, Whiterun is the unofficial capital of the High Elf nation.

Nestled just north of the Icewyrm Mountains in a picturesque glade, Whiterun boasts a fair and comfortable climate almost year round. Many believe this is due more to Elven magic than the city's location, but whatever the reason, Whiterun stands in somewhat of a contrast to the rest of Skyrim.

The elves here have held to their traditions and connection to nature, and have lived in relative isolation save for the occasional trade caravan. They have mainitained a steady peace with the "north-man" that is reinforced by the limited contact promoted by the harsh climate.

Though the growing season is short, the Elves here have mastered the art of the winter harvest. Many of the crops have been cultivated to thrive in the colder climate of Skyrim, such as winter wheat and frost honey. These unique products have led to some Elven delicacies, particularly ice wines, that have commanded exorbinant prices in the marketplace beyond the usually high price for rare Elven exports.

The city itself is a moderate size compared to the major human metropolises, but there is no denying that the deceptively simple cityscape is one of the most beautiful and mysterious jewels in all of tamirel. Surrounding the city is a ten foot wall of white marble with veins of silver and gold, topped with a gilded trellise. The wall itself depicts carvings of other Elven cities in relief, some of which are rumored to exist outside of Tamirel.

The walls also bear the scars of ancient battles and ferocious ice storms. Although the walls look more like a decorative display meant to simply mark the boundaries of the city, those who know better can see that they have never been breached. To their enemies the wall has looked like an inviting target, but the last misguided siege mounted by the Orcs of Wintertide ended abruptly at the tips of Elven arrowheads.

Beyond the wall is a perfect blend of nature and architecture as lush gardens and sprawling parks mingle with the wood and stone of the settlements.


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