White Haven


A Small town North-East of Bruma, White Haven is a little known gem hidden between thick, lush forests and harsh, impenetrable mountains to the North. Though the climate of the region is cool and harsh, White Haven, for reasons unknown, remained a very pleasant and unusual place to live in. Unknown to the people of Cyrodiil, it flourished as a healthy community built around peace, quiet, and stability.

The town is ancient by many standards. Founded millenia ago, it was built around a mysterious oblelisk which seemed to be a source of unknown power. Until recently, that obelisk remained as the centerpiece in the town square. Unbeknownst to the locals, and under the orders of the Draconian King himself, the town was always under a watchful and evervigilant eye of five trusted guardians. This is because the true nature of the obelisk was the reason for the town's climate, fertility, and secrecy.

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