Warehouse B-17


Just a few hundred yards inland from the ??? river is a moderately sized, non-descript warehouse in a complex of non-descript warehouses. Standing in the shadow of some of the larger and busier buildings closer to the docks, Warehouse B-17 is home to some of Taramil's greatest treasures. Inside its 30' x 40' perimeter are hundreds of crates that bear no markings, have no claims of ownership, and appear on no shipping manifests.

The sun-bleached planks of the exterior show no windows, and only a single entryway, a set of large double doors. The doors open wide enough and stand tall enough to pass a large fully-loaded wagon inside, though no such traffic is ever seen. In truth the only men who ever come or go do so without the use of the loading entrance.

Warehouse B-17 is under the constant caretaking of two Keeper Librarians, Nonni and Philip. Only a handful of people besides themselves know the truth about what lies inside the walls.

GAME NOTES: This warehouse once housed the Bell of Pelor, and is home to a number of minor items of note, both magical and mundane. Arthus is aware of the damage to the bell, and the fact that Nonni was likely killed and replaced by a Naga. He alerted Velenia to the danger and asked that she investigate without involving any unneccesary people.


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