A foul place as large as a country, Underdark is a monstrous series of caves, tunnels, and undeground cities beneath Morrowind. Inhabited by all kinds of beings, both living and undead, it is a terribly fearsome places to find onself in.

Within are large cities carved out of stone and bound with iron inhabited by drow, goblin, kuo-toa, duergar, and the undead. The deeper one ventures the viler the inhabitants. Some of the stone structures bear clear markings of dwarven make, but all statues, runes, and sigils of the earth folk have been desecrated in one way or another by the current owners. It is said that once upon a time parts of the underdark were actually dwarven cities, but that has long passed.

At the center, deep in the earth, lies a crystal citadel, inhabited by none other than Sirillius. He, and his armies of various undead, ranging from harmless ghosts to thirsty vampires, rule the land, keeping even the unruly drow in check.

Regions, Places, and other Locations


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