Tower of Gates


An ancient tower about 100 meters high, it is the center structure of the Imperial City of Cyradiil. The lower levels house the advanced college of wizardry. The upper levels are used exclusively by Draconian King and his Kingsmen. At the top is a large arboreum with a glass dome and five spirals, each pointing in one of five different directions. At the tip of each of the siprals is a permanent gate to other parts of the world. Two of those have been confirmed to be Hammerfell and Library of Solitude. The other three are unknown to the heroes at this time.

The origin of the tower is hidden to history. It seems to be connected to the aylids, and the permanent gates appear to be powered by gaia itself. Clearly an ancient structure, it is rumored to have been created by great dragons before they fell out of the sky.

Recent News

The Draconian King was poisoned by Gerald and Jennesta, and was kept in the Arboreum at the top of the tower. When the group broken into the tower to 'use it as a shortcut to Library of Solitude', they discovered the Draconian King. They passed the details to Bartlebee and this resulted in the Draconian King being stolen away and subsequently restored to health.

Gerald used the Tower to send his hounds after the heroes into the Library. As a result, almost all of the monks were killed. Subsequently, the survivor(s) closed the connection at the Library and erected defenses, preventing any of the Library's knowledge from getting into the wrong hands.

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