Syrial's Crypt


Syrial's Crypt is a tall white structure about 15 ft wide, 15 ft deep, and 20 feet tall. In stands in the part of the cemetery closest to the Tower of Gates. It has a foreboding and earie feeling to it, with two even warrior statues brandishing spears and shields, as if standing guard at the entrance. Though they are made of marble, anyone passing by has a feeling of being observed, and generally makes haste to walk away.

Inside the crypt lie many members of a warrior family of elves who have long-ago dedicated themselves to the service of the Imperial King. Many of them have served as adjudicators and kingsmen. However, one of the crypts lies empty, concealing a warded entrance to the city's catacombs - the old honeycomb of tunnels and passages that once upon a time were the streets and buildings of a now long-forgotten city upon which the capital was founded.


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