Summerset Isles


Summerset Isles. Once upon a time these were known as a tropical paradise, full of life, splendid cities, and vibrant trade. It was the source of most of the exotic spices in the world, and it maintained neutrality amongst all other kingdoms. It was a safe heaven for anyone wishing to be left alone.

Some time ago, however, a great disaster erupted in the Isles. A fissure broke open under the capital city and spilled devils and demons throughout the land. The Blood War, as it is known in the lower planes, ravaged the Isles and threatened to spread elsewhere.

Thus a wizard of great renown sacrificed himself in the hopes of containing the disaster. With all his might and will, he erected a mythal around the Summerset Isles, preventing any further spillage of the Blood War upon Tamriel. Since then all news of the Isles disappeared from people's memories, and now it lies forgotten by most. There are those, however, who know full well what goes on on the once-beautiful Summerset Isles. And they stay away if the can.

Regions, Places, and other Locations

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